Rob Zombie Picks the Top Five Worst Horror Movies


As any fan knows, Rob Zombie is a discerning connoisseur of all things horror–as he demonstrates once again with the list below of what he considers to be the top five worst fright flicks of all time.

1. Dracula 2000 (2000)
“This may be the worst movie ever committed to film. I found every single thing about it to be offensive, from top to bottom. You just stare at it in shock. I especially hate the fact they drop a Virgin Megastore product placement in the film every 10 seconds. It’s just the most disgusting piece of shit I’ve ever seen. Dracula is a tough character to play, you’ve got to really bring something to the table, and I don’t even remember the guy in this movie. Everything about this movie is complete horseshit.”

2. The Mummy Returns (2001)
“This was a 10th generation crappy Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off. But I can’t really pick it apart that closely because I couldn’t get all the way through it. That, to me, is a sign of a bad movie.”

3. Psycho (remake, 1998)
“I picked this not because it’s the worst film ever made, but because it’s the most pointless film ever made. To take a perfect movie made by a genius, and remake it–that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

4. Scream 2 (1997)
“When I saw Scream 2 on TV, I just hated it. Though it could have been Scream 3, I can’t remember which one it was, and that’s never a good sign. So I just decided it was Scream 2.”

5. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
“Once again, dopey teen actors being menaced by…what? The Morton’s Fisherman guy? That’s not a horror movie, that’s barely a Nancy Drew mystery. Jennifer Love Hewitt would have to be riding on a pony stark naked to make this worthwhile.”


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  • Gerb

    “To take a perfect movie made by a genius, and remake it–that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

    Rob Zombie remade John Carpenter’s Halloween

    • Batt Damon

      Halloween isn’t in the same class as Psycho. Besides, Zombie actually brought something new to the table.

      • Aaron Kearney


      • Phillip Blair

        SO wrong when you sat it’s not in the same class. 2 very different movies, but the originals are classics of the genre no matter how you look at them. The remakes were superfluous at best, and heresy at worst. His statement above makes it hypocritical as well.

    • Aaron Kearney

      Yeah, but not frame by frame. Rob Zombies Halloween was re-imagined and brought back to life where as The Psycho remake was a shot for shot remake of the original.

  • Lizzle

    Since when is The Mummy Returns a horror movie?

  • Derek

    Zombie’s Halloweens stunk, especially the second one. Donald Pleaseance was rolling over in his grave, especially after the second one and how they portrayed Loomis.

    • Aaron Kearney

      The only bad part of that movie was Sherri Moons role, the rest was sick, twisted and amazing.

  • Ivan

    Its funny how you can see an image of Rob Zombie in that Psycho remake trailer, anyone else noticed?

    • Superherologist

      Wow, there really is. You’re right.

    • Rob Dotzler

      Yeah, around the 37-38 second mark.

    • Christina Schmidt

      LOL…Thats awesome!

  • Chris Phillips

    Has he never seen Dracula 3000

  • Denny

    Apparently Rob has never seen one of his horror films.

  • Steve Beale

    Did he forget about his movie The Lords of Salem already?

  • Classic Horror

    Well, Rob, dont forget to add HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and DEVILS REJECTS as well, just because you made them they dont suck any worse.

  • Fear Monkey

    Surprised to see the mummy returns on this list, its not a horror movie. What about Night of the demons, Wishmaster 3 or 4, The Howling, El Diablo, The Stuff, etc….

    • Karl Sanders’ Pointy Guitar

      Night of the Demons? The Howling? What are you? On dope?!

      • Fear Monkey

        no, im just “high” on life.

  • Brendan

    What a clown.
    This is what he said about the Psycho remake…

    “I picked this not because it’s the worst film ever made, but because
    it’s the most pointless film ever made. To take a perfect movie made by a
    genius, and remake it–that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my

    Ummm… hey Rob Zombie… didn’t you do a shitty remake of Halloween?

  • Gord

    Rob Zombie he’s a musician right? Just checking seems more like candidate for lithium.

  • Will

    He forgot The Lords of Salem

  • Christina Schmidt

    Holy hell! Looks like people just wanna pick Zombie apart O.o I quite agree with this list. I think the scream movies sucked and I Know What You Did Last Summer comes off as middle school horror. Right about Psycho too…it did not need to be remade. And FYI…Zombies Halloween films where re imaginings not remakes. Dracula was an atrocity. The Mummy didnt bother me but I can see his point as to why it made the list

    • Esther Rosier

      yeah, there are a lot of angry comments on here! and i totally agree with you, the mummy wasn`t really that bad, but the list is quite accurate 😉

    • Jason Clark

      Dracula with Gary oldman ? Are you fukkin serious??? Best Dracula movie ever made,the rest of zombies list suck.but Dracula ..come’s a good fucking movie period…all zombies movies suckered cock,Exept house of. A 1000. Corpses .&. Devils rejects ..

      • Christina Schmidt

        This is not about Bram Stoker’s Dracula…It is about the film on the list…Dracula 2000. And as far as the Halloween films go I loved them….as Rob Zombie films but not as Halloween films.

        • Jason Clark

          I know it’s not about bram stokers Dracula ..I seen the list,a crappy list it is,I live all zombies movies really,& I’m just waiting for his new movie 31 wich is supposed to be extremly bloody,brutal,killings,old school zombie flick,it’s about a crazy clown,that being a young captain spaulings,,,,,gone mad…the best thing rob zombie can do,is make a movie about John wayne gacy.

  • Horror Fan

    Very ironic since he directed THE most pointless and basterdized remake of all time… RZ’s HALLOWEEN! It will forever be know as the worst of the horror remakes.

    • Jason Clark

      I agree ..those Halloween movies,are pure garbage

  • Morgan Suszek

    #1 & #4 tell me that Rob isn’t the biggest Wes Craven fan, #3 tells me he’s the most deluded hypocrite on the face of the planet and we could definitely not be friends.

    • Jason Clark

      I’m telling you rob zombie is a very talented man,but all his Halloween movies “..? “This may be the worst movies ever committed to films.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Lol Halloween 2 should be topping this list.

    • Anthony Devianza

      If it wasn’t for the much better directors cut of Halloween II, I’d say the film is pretty bad. But the director’s cut has a few scenes in it that give me the chills. One scene involves the Sheriff finding his daughter in the bathroom, in the theatrical version it was very brief but in the director’s cut, it’s extended, and Dourif gets very, very dramatic about the whole thing and he sells his pain perfectly, and the instrumental score that plays during that scene just adds to the whole scene perfectly. Like I said earlier, what hurt H2 as the white horse segments, if those had been removed, it would have been a much better movie. Dourif did a damn good job in the film, McDowell’s regret/remorse over the trouble he caused from writing the book came off very sincere, the atmosphere in the film was outstanding, the music used in the film fit perfect, especially Knights in White Satin at the beginning, and Johnny 5 laid out some good tracks. But that damn white horse nonsense, it just was soooo corny.

      But as much good as McDowell was in H2, no one can play Loomis as well as Pleasance (rip).

  • Anthony Devianza

    I liked the Devil’s Rejects, it was fun and brought back some of what I liked about 70’s horror. But a friend gave me a UV code for Lords of Salem, and after watching it, I begged Vudu to remove it from my account. I blame his wife a bit. Halloween II wouldn’t have been that bad if it wasn’t for all the scenes where Michael and his sister keep having visions of Sherri and a white horse. And you know damn well the only reason those scenes were injected into the film was so he could have his wife in the film.

    • Jason Clark

      Fully agreed,his wife’s sexy as fuck,but she cannot act worth shit,the devils rejects is a bonfires classic like house of a 1000 corpses.but lords of Salem,makes no fucking sense,looks stupid feels stupid,no murders,no blood.just one death,a ritualistic ending to find the baby of Satan ..give me a fukkin break .

      • Anthony Devianza

        He seemed to be trying to do the artsy fartsy horror thing, and while I like Zombie, he just doesn’t have the talent to pull that off.

        There’s a few Italian horror directors that could have pulled it off, but they have years and years of experience, while Zombie is still wet behin the ears compared to those guys. But well, it was nice to see Dee Wallace again. He should have used Dee to play Michael’s mother in the Halloween films, I think she’d have been a better choice than Sherri. But well, his wife owns his penis. Well there’s that and Dee couldn’t have played a stripper, she’s just way too old. But there was no need to make Michale’s mom a stripper, she could have just played a deadbeat mom without having to be a stripper.

        • Jason Clark

          Anthony,You make a lot of great points,yes he was leaning towards the artsy fartsy look.but like you said,he’s wet behind the ears,don’t get me wrong,I think rob zombie is a very talented director if he chose the right movies to direct.31looks appetizing .hoping for a John Wayne gacy film.llets wait &” see,ok now,dee Wallace .yes dee would have been the better selection of playing michaels mom.sherri is just not experienced enough,& yes rob zombie PUSSY WHIPPED….I’LL be the first to say it here,the deadbeat route makes sense Anthony should of directed the Halloween films ..probably would have been better than white horses roaming hallways FFs .lol

  • Jason P. Lamoureux

    I love Zombie’s music and his films, that being said, I don’t agree with what he said about Dracula 2000 not bringing anything to the table, I thought it was genius portraying Dracula as Judas was genius! Just because you are into horror and you make horror doesn’t mean you are the know all tell all final word in horror.

    • Jason Clark

      Ok,as long as he’s not talking about dracula with Gary oldman .

  • Classik Moveephan

    The real irony w/ Mr. Zombie hating on the PSYCHO remake is that he is actually featured in the trailer @0:37! LOL!

  • Trevor T. Trujillo

    SCREAM 2 and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER were the beginning of the SCREAM clones that absolutely RUINED horror in the 90s.
    I agree with this list from top to bottom.

  • clowns

    , dopey teen actors being menaced by…what? The Morton’s Fisherman guy? That’s not a horror movie, that’s barely a Nancy Drew mystery.
    Doesn’t that DESCRIBE LORDS OF SALEM? Rob Zombie is a fucking retard

  • BrijnShape

    If he felt that way about “Psycho”, and that’s his view on remakes… Why the fuck did he remake Halloween?

  • jess

    so the Psycho Remake is “the most pointless film ever made”
    to take a perfect movie made by a genius, and remake it–that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life
    YOU MEAN LIKE HALLOWEEN???? fucking MORON, what an absolute asshole. So he ruins Halloween and he has the audacity to talk about this movie?
    Go To hell

    • CrackTheSkye1990

      What he means by pointless that it was shot by shot and did nothing different. His version of Halloween changed Michael’s backstory and took it in a different direction whether you like it or hate it. He doesn’t want to do remakes anymore because they either get criticized for being too similar or too different and I agree with him.

  • Eddie Rondyke

    i’m a huge zombie fan, but i agree, he ruined the halloween franchise, an now they have to finger out a way to save it with a rediculous rumored 3d version. and to top it off he’s not very appreciative about dracula 2000 and the psycho remake because they do him a favor an plug him an his music. dracula 2000 in the music store when the girl is leaving through the back door. if u look on the right on the shelf next to the exit door, there’s his hellbilly deluxe album right there being plugged for him. further more in the trailer for the psycho remake, when the guy says this is inside the mind of norman, there’s a quick flash and in it is a picture of zombie, which is a poster i used to have hanging on my wall in my teen years. I’m slowly starting to dislike zombie. but i will forever love his music.

  • Esther Rosier

    hahaha i really hated dracula 2000 too xD me and my sister still make stupid jokes about that movie.

  • Carl Hollowood

    Psycho is a cult classic. Psycho should have never been remade. If your going to remake it it needs to have great suspense. Rob’s version of Halloween was great. You get to see more insight on Micheal Myers. The original never gave you much insight on Micheal. Yeah we knew that he had killed his sister and then locked up. But that’s all we were given. Rob brought us into Michel’s world and how Micheal delt with things.

    With this last I agree with it 100%. These movies sucked and some did run the horror of the 90’s.

  • chaosdsm

    Clearly Rob doesn’t watch enough horror movies. I can think of about 20 horror flicks off the top of my head that are worse than these 5, and probably another 100 or so that I’ve seen too. Sure, these 5 are all bad, but I found Dracula 3000 to be far worse than Dracula 2000, and no list of bad horror movies would be complete without Nightmare on Elm Street 2 & Snakes on a Plane.

    • Jason Clark

      All the nightmare on elm streets were all good horror movies in there own ways,different each time,but nightmare on elm street,a classic .& then part 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 …Jason vs Freddy.1 Jason vs Freddy 2 ..list will never end,it’s. An instatution.

    • Eugene Debs

      Dude,Elm Street 2 kicked ass.

  • howlin joe

    I like Zombie, but… I agree the movies on this list are bad, but there are a lot worse. His own Lords of Salem for example. And I find his statment about remakes laughable coming from him.

  • Nick

    not gonna lie.. being so bad is what makes a lot of horror films great.

  • Doomdog74

    House of 1000 corpses ! Worst MOVIE ever ! & ReMake ??? Err two god aweful Halloween hack jobs Mr Zombie !!

    • Jason Clark

      Doomdog74 your a fucking idiot….house of a 1000 corpses was probably the best horror film made,in the past century.enough said.

      • cpt howdy

        you mad bro?

        • Jason Clark

          Not really…but I’m getting there.& you’ll get your ass fucking beat.until bloods leaking out your ass

          • cpt howdy

            lol, you coming on to me bro? Don’t really swing that way

    • Eugene Debs

      So House of a 1000 Corpses is worse than Blair Witch 2?

      • Jason Clark

        Blair witch 1& 2 ate both crappy movies,house of a 1000 corpses makes them look like the handheld movies they were .

  • Dale J. Rodriguez

    I am a big fan of Rob Zombie; but lords of Salem and House of 1000 corpses were not special, and oh yea by the way, The Mummy Returns is action and adventure, not horror buddy.

    Dracula 2000 was not that bad.

    • Jason Clark

      Dale? It’s house of a 1000 corpses….not 10,000 corpses.get your facts straight,&. It was special.lords of Salem the first time I watched it,pissed me off,but I watched it several times more,&. It’s actually a good movie ..just pay attention.

      • Guest

        LOS and 1000 Corpses were blah. I have wasted a lot of my life watching them both.

  • Jason Clark

    Dracula,well it depends on wich Dracula movie your refering to? There’s not just one Dracula rob,&” I hope your not talking about the Dracula with Keanu reeves & Winona Ryder.gary oldman playing Dracula &. Did a damn good of thee best Dracula movies ever made,don’t know what drug your snorting rob zombie of a thousand corpse was a classic in my opinion..devils rejects was good,but not great by any means ..all the Halloween movies you did made no sense &. They sucked dick,&. Lords of Salem was a work of crap.hopefully 31 will be a movie filled with blood death carnage murder ..violence nudity,drug use,more violence…hope it’s about a Young captain Spaulding gone mad? Or a film about John Wayne gayce .

    • Christina Schmidt

      It says Dracula 2000…the one you are referring to is titled Bram Stoker’s Dracula

      • Jason Clark

        Christina,yes,I noticed they were or Rob was refering to Dracula 2000 after the fact,now I know he wasn’t touching bram stokers Dracula,&. That’s a good thing,because that was a classic in its own right,but thanks for pointing that out Christina .

  • Michael Kerns

    the mummy returns isnt horror

  • Kym

    Nothing starring Gerard Butler is bad. He’s too hot & his accent is too cool.

  • Kym

    I hated both the house of 1000 corpses AND devil’s rejects. both were atrocious & had nothing good or redeeming about them. I was glad they were killed off at the end of rejects so no one has to subjected to anymore of that tripe.

  • Vance

    The only good thing about Drac 2K was the soundtrack.

  • Paula Gilliland

    I truely Love the original film myself………… other but the new Halloween.

  • Eric Stinnett

    I could think of 2 worse horror movies than scream 4 and i know what you did last summer.The rest i agree with but heres my other 2 option.Rubber and Sharknado

  • Anthony Devianza

    Can someone tell me how Rob can say this about Psycho..

    “3. Psycho (remake, 1998)
    “I picked this not because it’s the worst film ever made, but because it’s the most pointless film ever made. To take a perfect movie made by a genius, and remake it–that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.””

    But then be the one responsible for making a remake of Halloween? John Carpenter’s Halloween was perfect just the way it was, and Carpenter may have made some turds after Halloween, but when it came to Halloween he totally shined. And even Rob himself years ago said the original Halloween was perfect.

    But actually, the director’s cut wasn’t that bad and his two Halloween films are hands down better than Halloween: Resurrection and in the same league with H20 (which was basically Dawsons Creek featuring Michael Myers). Then there’s Halloween 6. The producer’s cut is pretty good bu was never released officially, so instead when it comes to official releases, there’s only the really bad theatrical cut.

  • Moises Eduardo Alvarez Cervant

    “The Mummy Returns” its not a horror movie

  • HorrorFan90

    I like Rob Zombie, but his perspective towards the Psycho (1998) remake which I might add is indeed awful makes him come off as an idiot and a hypocrite.

  • Isaac M. Baranoff

    I preferred the remake of Psycho to the original.

    My issue with the Scream 2 inclusion is — yes, that movie is awful, but he said that he doesn’t know which one he saw on TV, so it’s a blind pick. I hate the Scream series, but I’d at least try to figure out which one I was picking before putting it on a list. For the record, though, I never saw Scream 3 or 4, so Scream 2 was the worst I saw. Apparently the 4th is the most goddawful in the series and not even the fans like it.

  • Andrew Rangel

    This list should’ve been top ten worst just so his movies could be thrown in. This guy’s a fucking joke.

  • john

    Hallowen (2007): “To take a perfect movie made by a
    genius, and remake it–that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my