Rob Zombie Shares Original Black-Metal Song on the Lords of Salem Soundtrack, Leviathan the Fleeing Serpent’s “Crushing the Ritual”

As Rob Zombie discusses in the current issue of Revolver, he and guitarist John 5 wrote and recorded a black-metal song for the fictional band Leviathan the Fleeing Serpent featured in Zombie’s new movie, The Lords of Salem. Below, you can view the video for the track, called “Crushing the Ritual.” Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Christina

    Mmm….IDK. I wouldn’t buy it, but I wouldn’t be upset to hear it in the movie.

  • michael bensing

    Horrible. Couldn’t even listen to the whole thing.

  • Ned Stark’s head

    Boy, when Zombie & co. go for that “ironic funny” stuff, they don’t screw around. The whole video looks identical to what black metal bands did in the 90’s (and still do to this day). Obviously, this whole thing is suppose to be funny & terrible. I’m not sure if it’s funny, but it’s definitely terrible!

    • Pb317

      It’s so terribe it’s funny.

  • Mehnock Loudon

    I’m not one that goes for bands that you can understand or “barfing: on the mic. If the words can’t be heard and the music, if you can call it that….is repeated in the same chords, it’s not worth listening too nor buying in my opinion. The movie looks like a killer, no pun intended, but music choice, bombs for me.

  • Viking Dave

    I would buy it. Hail BLACK METAL

    • hATE-eR

      This is exactly why the best black metal bands don’t have a pot to piss in- and perhaps most truly don’t care, but if you bought a real black metal album then maybe they’d be pleasantly surprised to have a pot to piss in.

  • Hollund Shaf

    best thing he has done since the 2nd Zombie record La Sexorcisto: Devil music vol 1

  • Drewditty

    Is this a rob zombie, john 5 joke woo hoo, yep, right, huh, whatever, lol

  • amarie7543

    Absolutely love it!!!!!! It hits the spot for what he and John 5 were shooting for. It’s a black metal song for a fake band in a fictional movie. For those who hate it or don’t understand, it its clear you were expecting a song that could receive radio play and did not understand the fake band part, I found it to be terribly entertaining!!! Once again Zombie not only hits the mark, but goes beyond it. Great artistic creation, or re-creation should I say.

    • hATE-eR

      It even lacks the fake effect you say it has.

  • Drake


  • Blabberjimmy

    This is beyond terrible.

  • Larry Joseph Williams

    Reminds me of old Napalm Death….Mindless, Morbid and forgetful. Kind of a Death Metal take on Spinal Tap.

  • Allen Land

    not a black metal fan myself, but they nailed it. for what it is it’s pretty cool in my opinion.

    • hATE-eR

      Nah! If you’re not a fan of something you shouldn’t even espouse.

  • Alexandar


  • hATE-eR

    I think it’s cool that Rob Zombie is exploring darker elements to give his films some eerie effect and promote a music genre that I like, but I think there’s a bit of a problem- Rob Zombie and John 5 should stick to what they’re best at as making black metal music certainly isn’t it.

  • Bill Lisy

    well this better than anything Rob zombie has put out in the lat 12 years!!

  • Del Parrish

    Sucks almost as much as Behemoth or Cradle of Filth.

    • shearxmadness


      • Del Parrish

        OK. Maybe not quite that much, but close. I’m ready for some new LOG. Or Meshuggah. Something less pretentious. :/

  • Me

    There is a real BM band named Leviathan, it’s not fictional

  • fatman

    it was good vocals sounded liked a warped record at the wrong speed

  • dougjmrock

    Sick and Twisted, just like I’m sure RZ and J5 is what they were intending. They weren’t going for artistic value, they were going for shock value and create something that would go along with the movie. It doesn’t matter if you like or hate Black Metal, that’s not the point here. Bravo, I say!! RZ never fails to amaze me. And John 5 played this one perfectly, instead of playing as if you could tell it’s him playing in his style. He totally went for it in the most Black way. Kick ass guys, just kick ass……..

  • whatnodrummer

    where’s the drummer…

  • Ian

    Why? Just why? I understand that early black metal was pretty laughable at times but this is somewhat overkill in my opinion.. In a way i hope they were seriously trying to create black metal and just failed miserably instead of mocking a misunderstood genre. Sad times.

  • Ashriel Nydm Scdm Coleman

    Yea that’s horrible. Stick with movies dude. Just movies. I would have expected more from John 5, but, I guess he wanted paid. It sounds and looks like they are mocking black metal. Not good at all.

  • DaD

    It’s good black metal, very good. Great vocals, great riffs and speed. Much better than what the “real” bm bands have done. Hail to RZ and J5. And to those who do not like : go get fucked!