Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2014 Lineup Announced, Featuring Avenged Sevenfold and Korn

The 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival lineup has been announced. Check it out below.

The lineup varies by date, so visit Mayhem’s website for details.

mayhem festival 2014


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  • jack

    really avenged sevenfold headlining? shameful.

    • Doreen

      Then you really don’t know good music, and evidently aren’t into them. They know how to rock the house….KICK ASS A7X

  • somedude

    This lineup, although pretty good, is a huge step down from last years.

  • Lamb

    i agree with somedude. shits wack its MAYHEM not fuckin sit around the camp fire and make smors. we want mayhem like lamb of god, devildriver, dethklok, black dahlia, sylosis, whitchapel, BLS. not this pussy ass avenged gayfold, trivium, korn. wtf is this shit. ROCKSTAR needs to look at European festivals and take notes on what real MAYHEM is. every year you guys get weaker and weaker. fuckin pussies.

    • Tyler Francis Smith

      You sound like a really intelligent and personable guy.

      • poopies

        im not. i had dun not ya you know.

    • warhorse

      does anyone else wonder why a third world country has a festival with bands like maiden,megadeth,slayer as headliners every year and then the richest country in the world we have a metal festival headlined by avenged seven fags?

      • Tyler Francis Smith

        What’s with the hate for Avenged Sevenfold? Their music is relatively good and they’re great to see live. So what’s your bitch?

        • Doreen

          Thank you, tell those assholes off

    • Andre Gouvea

      Well you must not see A7X live!! Quit your bitching you poser! They kick ass and better than alot of bands….In FACT my favorite!

  • bill

    A7X is a band rather seen at Uproar. They put on a great show but not the kind of show i want at Mayhem.

    • Acbb

      Agree 100%

    • Andre Gouvea

      Why? They are amazing!!

  • TheBlack


  • GrooveFiend

    horrible horrible horrible lineup

  • TabikatxD21

    The first few years of Mayhem Fest were awesome… Now its shitty..

  • Tyler

    I actually like Avenged Sevenfold. Guess that’s just me…

  • Matt Sarver

    asking Alexandria to kill themselves

  • Betty LP

    i cant wait to see my boys again A7X♡

    • Andre Gouvea


  • Doug Funnie

    A7X is back!

  • ian morgan

    ive been looking up to cannibal fucking corpse all my life this line up is the shit!!!

  • Oz_101

    Some of your guys’ comments make you come off as so ignorant. Specially if you view yourself as someone who knows music. Like Lamb, who listed all the bands he wants, obviously he only has ears for one kind of sound. And the guy who says Avenged headlining is shameful…pay attention bro, #1 on the billboards = big fan base. Mayhem wants to bill bands that can attract a large crowd. They are the hottest band in the world right now. (excluding Maiden, Metallica, etc.) And the person who says Mayhem should look at European festivals, the main stage bands have all played, and some, headlined those festivals. You people make me laugh, such sour pusses. Simple solution if you really hate the bands so much…don’t go. Funny thing is, I’ll probably see half of you at the show.

    • warhorse

      really? so black label and bdm sound the same?and lamb of god sounds like white chapel?do you huff often?

    • http://ДжонДоу.ru/ John Doe

      Justin Bieber is also #1 on the Billboard. Does that make him good? (the obvious answer is no)

      A7X are not that good. I’m sorry, but they’re not.

      There are maybe 3 bands I want to see: Cannibal Corpse, Body Count, and…..ok, there are two bands I want to see. I’m not forking out $100 to see Ice-T and CC for a total of 45 minutes.

      • Doreen

        Well I know those guys personally, and they kick ass at every concert they did….replying to A7X!!!!

      • Andre Gouvea

        Dude, A7X kicks ass at live shows, you must be blind!!

  • Saul Goodman

    In hearing all this I would like to know what the hell is up with Uproar anyone know?

  • Nikki

    I almost shit my pants when I saw this line-up. I’ve been dying to see Korn; I missed them at the Wiltern and that was a total bummer. Hope pit tickets don’t cost me my whole paycheck!

    • Nikki

      also, you bigots need to stop whining.

      • Andre Gouvea

        LOL!! A7X puts on a better show than them, lol!!! Got my V.I.P. tickets, can’t wait!!

        • mikey420

          I’ve been following Mushroomhead for 19 yrs and met them over 100 times.They are one of the best show bands you’ll ever have the pleasure of seeing!

          • Andre Gouvea

            Have you seen A7X live?! The put on amazing show dude!! Alot of people like them because what they do! I am more onto Avenged Sevenfold!

  • staindfan80

    joke of a lineup korn that’s about it

  • Derek

    Can’t believe Ice T is still kickin lol
    seen korn before and they alone are worth it!

  • DixieNormous

    Keep veil of maya, upon a burning body, mushroomhead, and a7x. Enlist megadeth, lamb of god, dethklok, and children of bodom to headline, then the black dahlia murder, as blood runs black, gojira, sepultura, eths, arkona, and motorhead

  • rich

    There has been better lineups. Its going to be summer and hot. Enjoy the show

  • DenverRockFan

    Sucks Denver, CO is missing most of the show. We only have Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Trivium, Body Count and Asking Alexandria. Red Rocks is a nice venue but not big enough to fit more stages, bands and people. But It’ll do…

  • timmyp420

    I know everyone is hating on avenged sevenfold.. but come on guys I know there new shit isn’t that good but think back about when they started u can’t say yall don’t like unholy confession s and beast and the harlet bat country I’ve seen avenged live they rock so fuck off I’m ready to mosh c ya there V.I.P

  • linhtetaung

    i’wake for this ablum

  • linhtetaung

    come to my country .my country is myanmar


    OH YEAH! I hope A7X plays sad but true. I love the metallica version but the A7X cover is awesome dude!!!!! Oh shit that’s not a cover nevermind. DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leonard heafy


  • twilghtprincess