Ronnie James Dio Cancer Fund Announces Tribute Album, This is Your Life , featuring Metallica, Motörhead, Rob Halford, Corey Taylor, and more


The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund has announced a tribute album, This is Your Life, to celebrate the life and legacy of Ronnie James Dio. Covers of his songs from Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio will be performed by various artists such as Metallica, Motörhead and Rob Halford. Check out the full track list below.

This is Your Life will be available April 1 via Rhino.

Dio lost his battle with stomach cancer in 2010.

1. “Neon Knights” – Anthrax*
2. “The Last In Line” – Tenacious D*
3. “The Mob Rules” – Adrenaline Mob
4. “Rainbow In The Dark” – Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci, Jason Christopher*
5. “Straight Through The Heart” – Halestorm*
6. “Starstruck” – Motörhead with Biff Byford*
7. “The Temple Of The King” – Scorpions*
8. “Egypt (The Chains Are On)” – Doro
9. “Holy Diver” – Killswitch Engage
10. “Catch The Rainbow” – Glenn Hughes, Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren*
11. “I” – Oni Logan, Jimmy Bain, Rowan Robertson, Brian Tichy*
12. “Man On The Silver Mountain” – Rob Halford, Vinny Appice, Doug Aldrich, Jeff Pilson, Scott Warren*
13. “Ronnie Rising Medley (Featuring A Light In The Black, Tarot Woman, Stargazer, Kill The King)” – Metallica*
14. “This Is Your Life” – Dio
* Previously unreleased


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  • Chris Crocker

    Oh hell yea!

  • ARelativelyNewPerson

    So sorry but couldn’t they find some better artists than a few listed above?

    • The Maximalist

      You’ve got Metallica, Corey Taylor, Motorhead, Anthrax, Tenacious D, Rob Halford and Glenn Hughes, what more do you want.

      • ARelativelyNewPerson

        But not killswitch engage or halestorm. instead Iron Maiden, Testament, maybe even Black Sabbath would be better to fit the bill

        • Matt M

          Halestorm is great, don’t be so picky

        • Joey

          Killswitch’s version of Holy Diver is amazing. As long as its Howard singing and not Jesse. Get out of here.

          • ARelativelyNewPerson

            Opinions, everyone has one including me, stuff you like might not be anything i like. Oh and I’m not going anywhere

          • midnightstrike3625

            NO….Jesse is better

        • The Maximalist

          Oh yes I agree. Can’t stand either of those bands. I don’t know why Maiden isn’t on here, Bruce could knock something like Holy Diver out of the water.

        • Ganondox

          I agree it’s disappointing Bruce Dickinson isn’t on their, but it would be pointless to just have a bunch of old bands do the covers, they need a few younger bands to keep it fresh. Anyway, Halestorm makes pretty kickass metal covers and Killswitch Engage’s cover is old, you can go listen to it and see what you think of it.

          • ARelativelyNewPerson

            Ive recently listened to a few Halestorm covers, and they’re ok (in my opinion covers are either good or meh since it’s a bit of a difficult thing to pull off correctly) but I’ll remain open for them, but KE’s holy diver….it goes along a faithful cover until the scream/growls just ruin it for me (i forever shall love the original). I agree with the inclusion of younger bands, but the choice’s could have been better overall

          • Ganondox

            Can’t say I disagree, though I personally like KE’s cover for the most part. Well, which younger bands would you chose then?

          • ARelativelyNewPerson

            Hmmm, maybe Mastodon, Lamb of God, maybe Ghost (it’d be interesting), Trivium, or Ne Obliviscaris

          • Ganondox

            Ne Obliviscaris and Ghost would probably work well, but while I love Mastodon I’m not sure if their singing is good enough to cover Dio, well if Metallica can cover Dio I’m sure Mastodon could do it, but I can’t imagine Randy Blythe singing Dio at all.

  • Mickey Holm

    Where the f*** is Iron Maiden?!?!?!?

  • Danielle

    I’ll buy it. Doro’s cover of Egypt ( The Chains are On ) is awesome.

  • Craig Christ

    Great lineup, but where’s Ripper Owens!? Not only is Ripper one of the best metal singers around, he was very close to Dio and his family, and is frontman of Dio Disciples as well. Seems odd that he wouldn’t be singing on a song…

  • Benjamin Bolduc

    It would be a perfect cover album if Corey Taylor, Killswitch Engage and Halestorm would not be in the list… Modern Metal is so shitty… Iron Maiden and Overkill would have been more appropriate than these posers. However the other headlined artists are awesome! Can’t wait to hear the covers Metallica, Rob Halforrd, Biff Byford, Anthrax and Scorpions!!!

    • Guest

      Halestorm is gonna kill it!! (although they’re not metal) …Other than that, I agree..

      • Benjamin Bolduc

        Happy to see that I’m not the only one to love good old Metal! As I said earlier to someone else, I didn’t know that they released Metal covers. I’ll listen it later I’ll maybe got a surprise

    • Lisa

      Halestorm is going to be amazing!!! (although they’re not metal, they do great metal covers) …other than that, I agree

      • Benjamin Bolduc

        I never heard their Metal covers, I actually didn’t know they had done… I’ll check it I may have spoken too soon Hehehe

        • Lisa

          Check out their covers of Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest) and 1996 (Marilyn Manson) :)

          • Ganondox

            Also Slave to the Grind.

    • Endoftheline

      lol you listen to scorpions!!!1111 your the poser!!!!!!1

      • Benjamin Bolduc

        Shut the fuck up, go listen to your Slipknot and stop disturbing the true metalheads. You know they didn’t just make ballads, some songs of their first albums are pretty heavy. I prefer listen to classic rock than listen to fucking modern “metal”. Anyways, I can like Scorpions and like Venom, one doesn’t cancel the other out. In sum, YOU are a poser

        • Endoftheline

          oh yeah compared to slipknot the scorpions are soooooo heavy man lol!!! your so tr00 when you sing out loud “im still loving yoooouuuuuuu” yeah that’s trve “metal” lol!!!!!!111 man get with the times you old fart venom is old news your still oldfart poser keep rocking the suburbs with your tr00 metal boy lol!!!!!!!!!1111

          • Benjamin Bolduc

            1: I said they were pretty heavy FOR CLASSIC ROCK

            2: I don’t listen to ballads

            3: Many Classic Rock bands influenced Metal bands, such as

            Led Zeppelin-Almost every Metal bands

            Deep Purple-Metallica, Pantera, Motörhead, Eric Adams, Diamond Head, Iron Maiden, Venom, etc.

            Queen-Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Venom

            Scorpions-Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dio

            I probably forgotten many bands but we can see the influence thereof.

            4-Learn to write. Come on man, I’m 16, I’m from Quebec and my maternal language is French and my English is better than yours. In fact, you look more like a geek than a metalhead.

            5- Modern Metal (Especially Nu Metal) is purely superficial, the lyrical themes mean nothing and the music itself is shitty. The metal of the 70s and 80s had sensational riffs, subjects were often very interesting (War, Death, Society, Inner Conflicts, ect.) and many singers had powerful or/and unique voices.

            6-I prefer rocking with my true metal boys at a old fart band’s show in a suburb than going to a concert of a crappy band like Slipknot in a city.

          • Endoftheline

            omg this is the internet who cares about language as long as its undestandable u say im a geek wtf ur the nerdy one talking about language and shit lol!!!!!!!!11 i listen to a lot of older bands like SOAD and deftones and theyre lyrics are really deep and emotional and if you cant see that then your probly a brain dead geek lol!!!!!!!!11 but yeah you should give new bands like periphery and tesseract a chance cos the music will blow you away and the lyrics are deep! i mean wtf new bands like deafhaven talk about deep stuff too in fact old bands are like fucking clowns but watever you just admitted you like rocking the suburbs lol!!!!!!!!!1 keep rocking the suburbs with your tr00 metalheads i bet you guys totally love each others cocks lol!!!!!!!!!

          • Benjamin Bolduc

            Haha you sound so much like someone who has no arguments! ”keep rocking the suburbs with your tr00 metalheads i bet you guys totally love each others cocks” Man, if you have nothing constructive to say, shut up. You know, when you make a comment in relation to sexuality in a” debate”, everyone knows you have nothing intelligent to say. First, I have nothing against gays but I’m undoubtedly not homosexual and next, the suburbs are just geographic places, not gatherings of gays. ”omg this is the internet who cares about language as long as its undestandable”. I have nothing more to say that all those who can’t write say the same thing and when you write with ”lol” and ”00”, you’re officially a geek. Yeah I admit, it’s not EVERY modern Metal bands that talk about insignificant subjects but a huge part does. Finally, never forget, without my old fucking clowns, like you say, your bands wouldn’t exist.

          • Endoftheline

            omg it sounds liek u got hurt by my comment abt u loving cock… uve got nothing constructive to say abt modern metal either so liek u shld totally shut the fuck up. n ure still totally a nerd cos u replied with a fucking essay or watever lol!!!!!! besides people these days talk with lol lol!!!!!1111111 n whoever said suburbs r filled with gays??!?!1? u just got all butthurt n somehow came up with that conclusion ur so fucking delusional lol!!!!!!!!111 n without modern metal lame ass losers like u would not be able to fetishize ur old bands or watever, u loser suburban teen lol!!!!!!!!111

          • Benjamin Bolduc

            Maybe it’s like that you interpreted my comment, but I didn’t get hurt by your comment… Do you really think that when you say that I’m a gay suburban or anything, I start to cry, I think that my life is a bundle of shit and next I have suicidal thoughts? Man, contrariwise, the majority of the time, I start to laugh when I read your replicas. Like you said earlier, it’s just Internet, I have nothing against you, I don’t even know you. We just have different opinions and it’s ok like that.

          • Benjamin Bolduc

            Uh… What is that?

          • Benjamin Bolduc

            Maybe you interpreted my comment like that but I really didn’t get hurt by your comment. Seriously man, do you really think that when you say that I’m a suburban gay (By the way, you can stop calling me a suburban I don’t live in a suburb I just said it to use your words) or whatever, I start to cry, I think that my life is a bundle of shit and next I have suicidal thoughts? On the contrary, your replicas are often so stupid that I burst out laughing. I really don’t give a fuck when you attack me personally, I just don’t understand how you can expect to sell me your arguments insulting me where it’s out of context. Just for exemple, when you treat me of loser, even if I’d be one, it brings nothing to the conversation. I’m not trying to make you moral or another shit that’s just a fact. I gave you arguments why I think Classic Rock and old Metal are better than modern Metal (Influences/Lyrical themes/Riffs/Singers) and you reply that I suck cocks… The only perspicacious thing you said was about the deep lyrics of the few bands that you cited. Otherwise, I don’t understand you say that I’m a nerd because I replied to your comments. Again I don’t care that you insult me, I simply don’t understand the principle. Does it mean if I say I disagree your take I’m a son of a bitch? Then, what you mean I couldn’t fetishize my old bands without new bands? You have to explain this to me because for the moment I don’t see a fucking rational meaning. According to your logic, without Avenged Sevenfold, I couldn’t listen to Danzig, Overkill Metallica and Iron Maiden? Neverthless, their skull with bat wings is a copy of Overkill’s Chaly, they copied first Danzig album artwork for ”Hail to the king” (Black and white album/Half of the head of the mascot to the left/Album name in the bottom right corner) and apparently, the CD is more a cover album than a real studio album and despite all this, they still manage to suck, even when they copy good artists… I think I can affirm that modern Metal is independant of the old Metal and not the opposite…

          • Ganondox

            1. Everyone cares, you are barely understandable and you look like an idiot. No one can take you seriously. Stop it.
            2. SOAD and Deftones are not older bands. If they formed after 1985 they can’t be an older band.

          • Ganondox

            Said classic rock bands are metal bands, classic rock is not a genre. Anyway, what you say about modern metal is entirely an opinion and not true at all, there are plenty of modern metal singers with unique and/or powerful voices who sing about the same things you mentioned.

          • Benjamin Bolduc

            Yes, I admit, I maybe generalized and I expressed myself badly but what I mean is that a lot of new bands, especially the most popular, don’t have the points that I mentioned and I think they don’t represent as well the great man that was Dio (Not only for his music) as old bands. In fact, I hate Nu Metal bands, but even if I don’t really listen to, I know that there is still good Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal bands that are formed nowadays.

          • Ganondox

            Lots of people hate Nu Metal. Considering no Nu Metal bands are on this list (Corey Taylor singing is not the same thing as Slipknot, he sings other forms of metal as well, Stone Sour is more alternative/hard rock and just heavy metal), the point isn’t really relevant. To be honest, I probably prefer Nu Metal to Thrash in most cases. A lot of it get’s rather samey sounding, and generally thrash metal vocalists aren’t very good. Metallica might be listed, but the only of the big four singers I’d consider for covering Dio would be Joey Belladona. If you want to really stay faithful to Dio it would probably be best to do Power Metal bands, and there has already been a Power Metal Dio tribute album. While I would exactly say the Corey Taylor, Izzy Hale, or Howard Jones are particularly unique voices, they are pretty powerful. Anyway, many of the most unique and argueably powerful voices in metal come from Alternative and Nu Metal, such as Maynard James Keenan, Serj Tankian, Benjamin Burnley, Jonathan Davis, David Draiman, and Chino Mendes. Lyrics don’t matter here, as these are all covers. And yes, Thrash Metal lyrics can be just as cheesy and meaningless as Nu Metal lyrics.

    • Ganondox

      This isn’t about you, this about Dio. No matter what you think about their bands, Corey Taylor, Izzy Hale, and Howard Jones are all great metal singers and perfectly qualified to cover this album, much more so than James Hetfield, who doesn’t have the voice for Dio at all. If they only had old metal singers paying homage to the past metal would be nothing but a circlejerk that dies with them.

  • Lori

    Yes! Ronnie would be proud!

  • The Boobiehead

    I know Geoff Tate and RJD were close…Bummed he is not involved. Please no comments about the Queensryche drama and how one singer is better than the other. Its only about paying respect to a Metal Legend!!!

  • batboy999

    They totally should have included Henry Rollins in this. I know he’s not into music performing anymore but I’m sure he would have done this.

  • Fulano De Tal

    Falto Stargazer…

    • Juan Techera

      13. “Ronnie Rising Medley (Featuring A Light In The Black, Tarot Woman, Stargazer, Kill The King)” – Metallica*

      • Spazticus

        Metallica doing a medley. Sounds like a lounge act.

  • Teja Jupudi

    Heaven and Hell would have been another amazing addition. :)

  • Steven Banack

    Steel Panther’s Satchel?

    • Steven Banack

      or the band.?

  • PortnoyLima

    WHERE is Iron Maiden AND Dream Theater???

  • Rook King

    One of his best songs, “The Last in Line,” is going to be performed by Tenacious D??? A comedy act??? That’s ridiculous. Aside from that, this is excellent.

    • Madhorizons

      They may just shelve the comedy and do it justice. As goofy of a bastard as Jack Black is…he’s actually a strong vocalist. I mean…Metallica trying to *sing* anything is comedy amongst itself…especially Hetfield trying to sing Dio.

      • Rook King

        I’m a major Metallica fan, but I see Jack Black as just a fairly good comedic actor. I thought The Pick of Destiny was a funny movie, but I never thought the band actually sounded good.

        • Dan

          Rook king your ears are flawed if you cannot decipher good music or talent, TENACIOUS D are insanely good but its just the comedic side that throws people off apart from the acting career of jack black, if jack black wasn’t known for his movies theN TD would still
          be internationally recognised as a superior band, no doubt in my mind.

          • Rook King

            I hope you’re joking.

    • Stephen

      Dio appeared on one of Tenacious D’s albums, The Pick of Destiny as well as in the movie by the same name.

      • Rook King

        Dio appearing in a comedy film and on a comedy album is one thing. Jack Black playing and singing on a serious heavy metal album is an entirely different matter.

        • Devin

          Apparently you never heard I Am The Warlock by Probot. Jack Black sings some killer vocals and it’s not a comedy song.

        • Endoftheline

          lol @ serious heavy metal album… yeah heavy metal is soooo serious lol!!!!!!!1111 smoke some weed and chill the fuck out….

          • Rook King

            A lot of it is phenomenal music. Do you really think the great metal musicians aren’t serious about their music?

    • Spazticus

      The idea bugs me as well, but then I’ve been proven wrong too many times to count. It’s possible it’ll be fantastic. I just want to know when it’ll be released.

    • Endoftheline

      your moms ridiculous

      • Rook King

        At least she made sure I got enough of an education to understand how to write sentences.

        • Endoftheline

          omg look at all your question marks and u say u know how to write sentences fuck off lol!!!!!!!!!11

          • Rook King

            Multiple question marks are proper in casual writing. Your English is a train wreck.

    • Dan

      Rook King, TENACIOUS D are incredibly talented musicians, way better than youll ever be, i for one am thrilled they chose to be part of DIOs legacy & memory, rip, DIO m/

  • James

    Seriously this is a tribute album to Dio stop acting like fucking idiots who is playing on the album
    You fucking dooch bags. This isn’t your tribute so shut the fuck up if you have a problem with that
    Come and fight me about it. My name is James Gauthier and I do vocals for Hellsmen and Ashes of Decent I’m easy to find.

    • Rook King

      Those aren’t your comments, so shut the fuck up (to use your reasoning). If you want to fight people, join an MMA league and stop acting like a teenage redneck moron. I bet your band is pathetic.

  • Michael Wenthold

    Not bad. Although the KsE cover of Holy Diver is painfully terrible. I cant wait to hear Halford on Silver Mountain.

  • Charlie Wallace

    Iron Maiden should cover “Rainbow in the Dark”

  • Luis C.

    This is great! However I would have liked to see Iron Maiden (or at least Bruce Dickenson, and Tim Ripper Owens in this… and who knows maybe even Chris Cornell….

  • JagerBomb714

    RIP RJD and thank you to each and every artist who participated in honoring a legend with music. You all kick some serious ass! “Horns to the SKY!” oo/ oo/