Scientists Discover the Heaviest Metal


Gizmodo have reported that “An international team of researchers has just published a paper confirming the existence of element number 117—Ununseptium. It’s the heaviest element ever created, with an atom of ununseptium outweighing an atom of lead by 40 percent.”

According to the report, superheavy elements like Ununseptium don’t exist in nature. They have to synthesized by blasting–and hopefully fusing–different types of nuclei at each other in a particle accelerator. Ununseptium was created by aiming a beam of calcium 48 ions at a chunk of berkelium 249.

Now we just have to wait for the first band to name themselves after the element.


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  • ScienceNShit

    UPDATE – 348 crappy metalcore bands have already named themselves ”ununseptium”. All 348 bands don’t claim to be ”metalcore” but an entirely different genre altogether. UPDATE – As of finishing these two sentences, there are now 598 bands with the name ”ununseptium”.

    • jerbern

      Best post of the day.

      • Rob Dotzler

        Suck my ass as I’m changing my name to Unum-Eptiium Dotazler as soon as the law allows, gotta keep my last name in my late daughter’s honor, but then I’ll get royalties from the new bands that make a few bucks, just being a metal dad for a metal daughter!

  • Brian Lamons

    But they all suck, who will really actually sound good that has the name

  • Kevin McCarthy

    My guess is it is already patented and copyrighted well before the announcement.