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Scott Ian Plays Zombie on 'The Walking Dead,' Lives to Tell Tale

Scott Ian Plays Zombie on 'The Walking Dead,' Lives to Tell Tale

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian got to fulfill one of his life-long dreams last week when he played the part of a zombie in a webisode of AMC's the Walking Dead. As Revolver recently revealed in a list of Ian's favorite zombie movies, books, and TV shows, he has long been an ardent zombie enthusiast, even penning a track, "Fight'em 'Till You Can't," about them on new Anthrax record, Worship Music (Megaforce).

Ian revealed on his blog that he jumped at the opportunity to join the ranks of the show's undead. "I've been wanting to do this my whole life," he said. "Zombies have always been my favorite genre of horror and to participate in something as killer as Walking Dead would just be amazing."

Unsurprisingly, it appears as though the acclaimed axman was a natural fit for the role and reveled in the opportunity to scare the child actor's witless.

"I was so focused on one of the little kid actors, staring at him and thinking 'I am going to eat your fucking head off you little fucker,'" Ian explained. "I think the kid could feel my malevolence towards him because he kept looking at me nervously and hiding behind his 'mom.' Sorry kid, I was into my role!"

To read the rest of Ian's Walking Dead experience, click here.

Check out the pictures of Ian on the Walking Dead set below:

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