Scott Weiland Officially Fired from Stone Temple Pilots

This morning, Stone Temple Pilots announced the firing of singer Scott Weiland in a brief, straight-to-the-point news release:

“Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland.”

No reason was given for the decision.

In 2011, Weiland told that Stone Temple Pilots would begin working on a new album, the followup to their self-titled 2010 album, in the very near future.

“There is another album coming,” he said, adding some info about the band’s songwriting process: “They usually start before me, just getting some rough ideas together and then putting rough ideas down on ProTools with no lyrics and no melody. And then I start listening to it and see if it’s just a straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll record or if it’s more of a concept album like (2001’s) Shangri-La Dee Da was. Once we decide that, it should go full speed ahead.”

Last year, Weiland told Rolling Stone, “I think [Stone Temple Pilots] kind of overplayed ourselves by playing the same set over and over. I think the band needs to take some time off and be creative again. I always felt that our creativity and the growth we made within making records as artists was equally as important as we were as a live band. The transformation from Core to where we ended up before we took that time off, when I started with Velvet Revolver, was enormous. I think we need to get back to that. I don’t think that touring consistently with a greatest-hits package gets you anywhere. It diminishes things.”

Weiland, who released a Christmas album in 2011, is preparing to hit the road to perform tracks from Stone Temple Pilots’ first two albums, 1992’s Core and 1994’s Purple. The Purple At The Core Tour kicks off March 1 in Flint, Michigan.

Stay tuned for updates as we get them.


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  • Cody Bearden

    Well so stone temple pilots are no more in my eyes. once a band gets rid of an original member to me that band is done. good luck to the rest of the band but you will never had what stp was ever again!

    • Natas Kaos

      so you don’t think that Rush exists? how about Pink Floyd after Syd left the band? Black Flag with Rollins? Silly.

      • Cody Bearden

        I totally agree but were talking stp an alternative band lol their time was up in the 90’s as it was, just like most of the alternative bands from that time. I give all bands new material a chance but most bands change what they started off doing to this poppy corporate mainstream garbage.

    • Cameron McKinnon

      Alice In Chains Kicks ass. Iron Maiden did way better. Sabbath still kicked ass after Ozzy.

    • M D

      I don’t think that statement necessarily has holding power, but I think it’s pretty accurate as far as STP is concerned.

  • Denny Smith

    Sorry but, Scott has lived his life like a douche. The end result is, he probably no longer caries the tools required to be the front man of a their band because he burnt that portion of his brain out with drugs an alcohol. Time for a factory job Scott…

    Scott Weiland
    Scott Weiland
    Scott Weiland

  • Vlad

    Scott is the only singer in my opinion who is absolutely irreplaceable. And if anyone thinks Myles Kennedy is a good replacement they better get their ears checked, man sounds like a dying crow when he tries to sing VR and GNR.

    • JV

      Myles is a great vocalist, look at Slash’s latest album Apocalyptic Love, some of his best music to date, Axl was a great frontman for GNR, Scott for VR and Myles for Slash, honestly, I rather have a singer like Myles than a junkie like Scott and a grown man with Daddy issues like Axl

  • Hitman4Hire80

    i agree with all, we all want bands to remain what we see them as, we also accept change. but for lead singers to leave off and do they own thing, THEY STILL NEED A DAMN BAND!!! LoL!!! but i digress, firing somebody for no reason given is some bullshit. i guess we’ll find out soon enough