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Sebastian Bach Picks His Top Five Fashion No-No's

Sebastian Bach Picks His Top Five Fashion No-No's

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach recently released his new solo album, Kicking and Screaming, and he's interviewed in the current issue of Revolver, talking about a few of his favorite things, including a pear with a face (read the article to understand what we're talking about). To mark both occasions, we asked Bach, as one of rock's most stylish men, to select his top five fashion no-nos. Here's what he came up with:

High-swinging ax
"The most important thing is don’t wear your guitar too high! It’s gotta be slung as low as it can, to the point where your arms have to be straight down when you’re hitting the strings. It looks far cooler that way."

Rock your denim
"Stone-washed jeans are also a big no-no, for obvious reasons."

Beware the white leather
"White leather is very dicey, too. You gotta be a special fucking kind of dude to pull off some white leather."

Bark at the Moon
"Another offensive thing is the butt crack. I’ve had my pants too low, and I’ve gotten that plumber’s crack. It’s a fine line between hip-hugger and 'crack kills.'"

Porky paint
"One thing that I find really disturbing is when a guy gets fat and he still wears makeup. That just looks weird. You gotta be skinny or in shape to pull off makeup. I could name names, but I’ll just say to those people, 'Go for a run! It’s not working anymore! Just go run around the block once or twice then go back to worshiping the devil!' [Laughs] I don’t run seven miles a day for fun. Fuck. I’m trying to rock the look!"

Photo by Clay Patrick McBride

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