Sebastian Bach Premieres New Music Video, “TunnelVision”

Sebastian Bach graces the cover of Revolver‘s new, 100th issue, alongside Ozzy Osbourne, Axl Rose, Gene Simmons, Dave Grohl, Phil Anselmo, Jonathan Davis, and others, as one of the 100 Greatest Living Rock Stars listed inside. The legendary singer released his new solo album, Kicking & Screaming, earlier this year, and today he’s unleashing the music video for the song “TunnelVision,” which features a guest appearance from Rob Zombie guitarist John 5. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Heather Sokol Nicholas


  • Pzs

    Can’t get the video going.
    I joined the site but still get a blank screen instead of the video.

  • Daniel

    Yeahhh Baz!! Fuck off the Chile Flag!

  • Pzs

    Ok it finally said that it won’t work on my device (Android) so Ive clicked later and hope soon I can see it!

  • Anneli

    Fabulous ! <3 <3 <3 Sebastian is always THE BEST <3

  • Gypsydrifter2007

    bach is back!awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tokohopie

    Awsome song!!!

  • Nielsonrobert

    Fuckin’ Kick Ass!!

  • Daveydog01

    Not apple friendly

  • FreakyFreckles

    You still got it!!!!!!! 

  • Katrina

    LOVE this song and video!  Sebastian’s still got it!  Voice and looks! :)

  • Jillann

    Oh how Ive missed you <3 Rock on my friend , ROCK ON!!!!!

  • Steve

    Nice ! Glad to see him back and Great new sound….. kick Ass Band !! Needed a much better Mix though ? 

  • Sarah

    Try trying off the mobile site button at bottom of page, it wouldn’t work for me at 1 st either but after I did that it worked

  • Tania


  • Stuffe

    Great – see ya at Sweden Rock Festival (summer 2012) ,,/

  • Yehshua

    While watching I was going to say he still has it but now I have to say he’s even better than he was with Skid Row.   His voice is amazing!    And as usual he’s easy on eyes. 

  • Paper

    Everyone vote for kicking and screaming as best hard metal song of the year!

    • Lisa Brown

      This video is much better. It shows him performing and the audience interaction :-)

    • Lisa Brown

      This video is much better. It shows him performing and the audience interaction :-)

  • Well Bach

    I love this song

  • Sarktys

    much like it, sebastian is cool

  • Metalheart3

    fucking badass song!!!! cool video I like the live clips added in.

  • Lorine69

    What a come back!! This Album Rocks! And this Video is OFF THE HOOK!

  • Lily

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 vrh……….

  • Bradster

    Who’s playing bass?

    • Guest

      nick sterling recorded both the lead, rhythm and bass tracks on the album

  • Danette End Bsl Loper-Lake

    is there another SEXIER man on the planet, SEXY and the voice of a rock angel, I am still in love with Baz after 20 years of being a fan…

    • Lisa Brown

      Ditto…I am probably older than you then b/c it has been 25 years for :-) Ever since I saw Youth Gone Wild I was like,”I love that video!.” After watching it several more times I though, ‘”Wow..that lead singer’s voice is awesome and he is gorgeous and so it began..” Been to 4 shows this year and met him in March..all I can say is it was great and he is so kind, patient, and funny.

  • C Topolinski

    My favorite song on Album, first time I heard it, knew it would be a big hit. That album is utterly amazing. The Cd is a work of art, speaking of the music and the artwork.

  • sebastian occhiuto

    sebastian bach your still awesome and i guss its not over for your carrer but will you ever go back to skid row

  • Shawliarmstrong

    “ove it.

  • Stacy

    I’ve always loved Sebastian.  Even when it looked like his career was over and he was getting a little big, I loved him.  He is looking great and sounds great!  I’m glad he’s doing well again. 

  • Toshyariker

    That song kicks ass! Such a great one, i love it!!

  • Diana Rudenko

    Love the album, love the video! Sebastian kicks the asses as usual! Go Sebastian! You deserve Grammy for “Kickin’ and Screaming” as the most f***** awesome album of 2011!!!

  • Pauline

    Wow amazing song, awesome vocals, incredible sound!