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Sepultura Wrap Up Recording New Album; Cover "Firestarter"

Sepultura Wrap Up Recording New Album; Cover

Sepultura have announced that they have wrapped up recording for their as-yet-untitled 12th studio album. The band recorded 13 songs at Trama Studios in São Paulo, Brazil, including covers of Ministry's "Just One Fix" and "Firestarter" by '90s big-beat act the Prodigy, which are expected to be included as bonus tracks on various special-edition releases. Apart from covers, the only other track confirmed for the album is "Born Strong," which the band says will be characteristic of a more personal lyrical style on the new album. The song deals with the difficulties in balancing life as a musician and trying raise a family. The new song was debuted at the Fúria Festival in São Paulo last October.

The new album is expected out in May via Nuclear Blast Records.

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