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Sevendust's John Connolly Lists His Top Five Favorite Albums

Sevendust's John Connolly Lists His Top Five Favorite Albums

Sevendust guitarist John Connolly has listed for Revolver his Top Five Favorite Albums that he not only loves as a fan, but have inspired him as a musician as well.

Sevendust released Black Out the Sun earlier this year.



1. Kiss, Alive II "The album that started it all. This was the first real album that I bought myself and was totally blown away as a kid. It's larger than life. Blood, fire, was a total overload mentally to take it all in. Kiss had the show to beat back then."

2. Van Halen, Van Halen "This is the record that made me start to look at the guitar in a completely different light. I was still a drummer back then, but I remember 'Eruption' having such an enormous impact on me and rock guitar hasn't been the same since. Their live show was ridiculously good, too."

3. Metallica, Master of Puppets "Another complete game-changer. Took awhile for me to fully appreciate this record, because it was so deep and so far ahead of its time. Nobody had raised the bar to that level as far as heaviness was concerned, but melodically it might also be their finest moment. Such an in-your-face record. Still sounds like it's on 11 to this day."

4. Pantera, Vulgar Display of Power "Not their first or the biggest seller, but this is the album that made the biggest impact on me. Where Metallica had left off, they picked up. Dime's solos on this record are by far my favorite and there are lots of them. They were taking over and there was nothing anyone could do to stop them. They were at the forefront of heavy music and everyone else was taking notice. School was in session."

5. Rush, Signals "A record most Rush fans don’t give the credit it deserves. Rush was moving more into the realm of keys, but they were still rooted in the guitar on this one and the drumming is spectacular. 'Subdivisions' into 'Analog Kid' was such a great 1-2 punch and Peart's drumming on this record is truly inspirational."

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