Shadows Fall Premiere Cover Art for New Album, ‘Fire From the Sky’

Shadows Fall are releasing their new album, Fire From the Sky, on May 15. Today they’re releasing their cover art, which you can check out below.

Aaron Marsh of Forefathers, who designed the cover, has this to say: “When presented with the idea, I wanted to deliver an aesthetic that would go beyond the ‘typical’ or ‘assumed.’ I wanted to embrace a perspective and emotive value that could be carried with the context of the record itself. While I knew this would be challenging and end up stylistic to one degree or another, I still wanted the viewer to get this overwhelming and brooding sense of chaos that could otherwise be imagined when putting themselves in that very scenic situation—supposing this record was the soundtrack to their own apocalyptic movie.”


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  • Ladyj2154

    I like it! Can’t wait to hear the new Shadow’s Fall.

  • Graycrap

    Loos more like “fire from the crevice”

  • Jered Lacks

    awesome artwork. i think they should have ditched the guy wearing the hoody though. it’d look better without him.

  • Alexandre Marquette

     sorry but why have posted a contest for a new logo if you do it in parallel again by an artist?

  • Alex Sallas

    Is that guy peeing?

  • Bisrael83

    I agree. It would be a helluva lot more realistic and scary without the hoody wearing guy.

  • Guardiandevil3

    ya but theres also that bright light in the corner and the buildings burning but ya the hoodie guys kinda weird
    he should at least be on fire