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Sick of it All Premiere Trailer for 'Nonstop'

Sick of it All Premiere Trailer for 'Nonstop'

New York hardcore stalwarts Sick of It All will mark their 25th anniversary by releasing an album of re-recordings of some of their classic tracks. Nonstop features 20 songs as well as a remixing of "Clobberin' Time" by KRS-One, who featured on the original version and can be heard in the trailer, below.

You can also hear the rerecording of "Built to Last" on the band's Facebook page by clicking here. Nonstop will be released on November 1; full track listing below the video.

01. "Clobberin' Time"
02. "Injustice System!"
03. "Sanctuary"
04. "Scratch the Surface"
05. "Us Vs. Them"
06. "The Deal"
07. "Just Look Around"
08. "Ratpack"
09. "World Full of Hate"
10. "Pushed Too Far"
11. "GI Joe Headstomp"
12. "Never Measure Up"
13. "Chip Away"
14. "Busted"
15. "Locomotive"
16. "My Life"
17. "Friends Like You"
18. "Relentless"
19. "No Labels"
20. "Built to Last"

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