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Six More All-Girl Japanese Metal Bands

Six More All-Girl Japanese Metal Bands

Back by popular demand, here's part deux of our sure-to-be-exhaustive search for all-female Japanese metal bands (see Part 1 right here). And we've found some truly badass babes this time, including Japan's answers to Arch Enemy, Faith No More, Linkin Park, Hellhammer, and more!

The styling and setting of the video below might lead the viewer to believe that G∀LMET are a Japanese take on The Go-Go's or something. But watch, listen, and learn: The band actually growls and chugs out melodic death metal in the vein of Arch Enemy.

Formed when vocalist Fuki of the group Light Bringer joined the band Gacharic Spin, DOLL$BOXX make us think of a Japanese all-chick Faith No More, with all the ecstatic pop/roar vocals, funky bass lines, and spasmodic tempo and style shifts. And a lot less shitting onstage.

Anarchy Stone
This group's profile on describes them as follows: "The music message is 'The Power and Sound' Three-piece girl band with a back alley with them firmly 'ANARCHY STONE', and the Girl band 'cool' stuff that would make the unavoidable!" Which sounds just about right to us.

Currently on hiatus, Gallhammer pummeled out crusty, black metal-inflected doom across three full-lengths and two EPs. But love got in the way: Frontwoman Vivian Slaughter married former Mayhem vocalist Maniac in 2011 and moved with him to Norway.

New Strike Zipper
Think of New Strike Zipper as a Japanese Linkin Park--but all girls, all Japanese, and with both vocalists sharing singing/rapping duties.

Having only played their first show in 2013, Bridear are relative newcomers to the J-Rock scene, but they rip it up like power-metal veterans. Power-metal veterans that look like cute Japanese girls.

Six All-Girl Japanese Metal Bands