Sixx:A.M. Premiere New Song, “Gotta Get It Right”


Sixx:A.M. has released a new song, “Gotta Get It Right” on iTunes. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The band’s new album, ‘Modern Vintage,’ will be released on October 7.


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  • TheGameGuru


  • Larissa Cortez Huerta


  • Stefano Bongini


  • Marc Hayburn

    The worst I’ve heard in a while!!!!

  • Mike Boardley

    WHAT HAPPENED???? @NikkiSixx, I was hoping for Life is Beautiful, Van Nuys, SOMETHING, ANYTHING, HEAVY. I hope the rest of the album is not like this. :(

  • Kory

    I think it’s ok. Remember, it’s probably a song about a real life experience. Living through a lie, and recovering from the damage. Not giving up and getting back on the right track. I think this song has the right feel for that kind of situation. Turning negative back to positive.

    • Desiree Smith

      yeah…. but it could have a better sound… 😛 still love these guys buuuut…

  • Scott Konkle

    really? wtf

  • Beetle

    Well, at least I can still listen to the first 2 albums.

  • Cloutier

    Sounds like a bo-bo ass song Paramore should be singing

  • don


  • Jim

    Nikki should shoot a death ball in his arm for this atrocity

  • demonlord

    wow it must have been an awful song if its already been took down! LMAO

  • Seal

    Dear Nikki Sixx,

    Long time no see bro. I hear you have a new album, that’s awesome! I’m going to check out that new single now.

    You used to be so cool! What happened to you man? Did you marry Avril Levine or Chantal Kreviazuk or something?

    Go back to your roots, and I’ll buy the album. I won’t even torrent this one, it hurts my rock and roll soul.

  • keith Parker

    man this sucks..

  • SJ

    So disappointed. .. man this is awful. Was really looking forward to some new stuff. Now I x
    Don’t know what to think

  • Paul


  • Renahha

    Not the music I remember Nikki! You need to go back where you came from!! It just doesn’t fit you!!! Just not your unique talent you are known for!! Sorry! Just being honest! :'(

  • Rocket queen

    How about ” Modern garbage” jeeeeeeeeez what cheeeeeeeze

  • Kevin Armstrong

    This is the worst CRAP I have ever heard.