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Sixx:A.M. Release Ecoustic EP, '7'

Sixx:A.M. Release Ecoustic EP, '7'

Sixx:A.M. released an acoustic EP, titled 7., exclusively via iTunes today. The seven-song EP features acoustic versions of tracks from their recently released album, This Is Gonna Hurt, as well as their 2008 debut, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. The group is giving away one of the tracks, "Codependence" as a holiday thank you to its fans.

"We were inspired to create 7 after experiencing the incredible reaction people had to the messages within the songs on both The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack and This Is Gonna Hurt," vocalist James Michael explains.

"Our goal with this EP was to take songs that our fans were already intimately familiar with and present them in a way that shifted the focus. I've always loved hearing a song with all of the production stripped away because it exposes the raw emotions that were present at its infancy...7 will give our fans a glimpse into the heart of what drives Sixx:A.M."

7 Track Listing:
"Lies of the Beautiful People" (Acoustic)
"This is Gonna Hurt" (Acoustic)
"Life is Beautiful" (Acoustic)
"Help is on the Way" (Acoustic)
"Sure Feels Right (Acoustic)
"Pray For Me" (Acoustic)
"Accidents Can Happen" (Acoustic)

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