Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo Comments on Randy Blythe’s Arrest

The metal world has been in shock ever since the arrest of Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe’s arrest last week in Prague stemming from an incident in 2010 in which Blythe allegedly pushed a fan from the stage during a show; the fan reportedly died from the resultant injuries later on.

In a new interview with Loudwire, Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo offered his thoughts on the incident, commenting, “I can only make a presumption of what happened, but a kid jumps onstage, he accidentally pushes him off in the wrong way, hits his head, dies on the way to the hospital. Now if that’s what happened, I don’t know. But you’ve got to be gentle with these kids. You can’t just push them offstage. We’re talking five feet, sometimes six feet off the ground. That’s a hard fall and if he’s going up against a guardrail or something, you never know what he hit on his way down, I just don’t know what to say, but I see it happening.”

Blythe was reportedly granted release on bail over the weekend, but with banks closed, had to wait until today to pay it. The rest of the band returned home to the States over the weekend without him.

Watch the video of Blythe’s alleged crime here.


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  • Valdemar_ms12

    Tom Has pushed and kicked fans aswell its hilarious

  • Bonescraper

    Shut the fuck up Dave and just play drums… he didnt maliciously push this fuckin kid!

  • Dalenmel2001

    Dave Lombardo sure has been flapping his gums lately,earlier he was defending Lars Ulrich & telling everyone to stop picking on him & now he’s shooting off his mouth about something very serious that could decide the fate of Randy Blythe. Dave knows nothing about this incident & wasn’t there so for him to be saying stuff like that is uncalled for,of course it’s very,very sad that this guy passed away from his injuries! & I’m sure Randy’s intentions were to not kill this guy.

    • Lokhande07vivek

      I am full agree with dave had commented on this manslaughter issue of randy that mean he is not favour metal musicain. i’m sure his intention is not to kill that guy. pray for randy FREE RANDY.

  • Soundzsogood

    That moment when this kid jumped the stage and decided to rush around the band members: The moment when he should be ruled to have forfeited any control over his fate. Balls on him…Let Randy go…anybody else rushes the stage, I hope next time it’s Campbell who decks the son of a bitch; bassists could always use some extra action ;P

  • loveusa

    looks like the fan overstepped his boundaries! what was the band to do, stop playing because of this idiot (who knew he shouldn’t of been up there).  sometimes stupid adventures lead to deadly coincidences.  do you honestly think the band member was trying to kill someone…common on…

  • riiiight

    I doubt Lamb of God and Slayer will ever tour together again…

    • Hadji

       good. they don’t deserve to open or tour with Slayer ever again.

      • Dude

        Yep…no matter what happens…Lamb Of God suck and if Randy goes down, we aren’t really losing much.

        Bring on the hate!

  • StopItDave

    I love you, Dave Lombardo, but I guess you didn’t bother to watch the videos or read a blog or have a clue…

  • Randy is innocent!!!

    Isn’t there some sort of CLAUSE on the tickets in Europe, as there is in the USA, that states something to the order of “Conditions Notice of Restricted License: Ticket holder expressly assumes all risks & danger incidental to the event for which this ticket is issued, whether occuring prior to, during, or subsequent to same including,,, etc etc blah blah blah”??????

    Seriously, where was the security at this event that wasn’t doing their job well enough that people got on the stage & subsequently allowed this tragedy to occur? Oh yeah, he was standing right next to Randy doing the majority of the work pushing the guy off the stage in the video. The video is online. Go watch it. Randy was standing there singing. And some guy(apparently the guy that died later) comes from behind him, with some huge security guard quickly behind, & leaped off the stage. Randy barely got a hand on him. Dude’s innocent & as sad as it is that the guy died, if the guy jumped into a ‘blackhole’ from the height of the stage then he is a moron & natural selection has worked yet again. FWIW, a ‘blackhole’ is a description of what happens when a person stagedives & the crowd simply parts allowing him to fall directly to the ground. It happens & is a risk you take if you wish to stagedive.

  • sundevilkevin

    It seems to me the rules changed the night Dimebag was murdered on stage.  No fans on stage unless they have a pass.

  • Dude

    You all have to admit, he has a point about how Rockstars need to know they are 5 feet at least above the crowd. So you can’t just be throwin people…have you EVER seen a Bouncer do that? I haven’t…they DRAG them off the stage.

  • Nawaf Albardooli

    good friends and band mates always leave and go home when your down on your luck and facing jail time 
    what he did was wrong to push someone but did the push kill the stoopid fan or was he hurt some other way 

    • Colormyname

      We will find out if he was way before the push r not.Goodpoint.

  • Mmkasper10

    fuck ‘dat. Remember Dime . . . NO ONE ON STAGE

  • Saggynipples

    lol people who are saying that if randy was lost we wouldnt be losing much….sorry but lamb of god is 100 times better then slayer…raining blood is THE BIGGEST abomination to metal i’ve ever heard like what the fuck is that shit.

  • Bert

    i have never met a single person who can have a rational thought? especially the brainbangers. Dave didnt want to say, “hey asshole your bandmates left you in jail cause your guilty of taking  a death of a KID and dumb enough to go back”! id leave his ass too. you never touch a fan, thats what the millions spent on insurance and security are responsible for. did anyone actually read the article? he told security “he has THIS ONE”