Slipknot Part Ways with Drummer Joey Jordison

Slipknot have split with drummer and major songwriter Joey Jordison. There is no word on a replacement. The news broke last night when Slipknot released the following statement:

“To our Maggots and fans around the world,

“It is with great pain but quiet respect that, for personal reasons, Joey Jordison and Slipknot are parting ways. We all wish Joey the best in whatever his future holds.

“We understand that many of you will want to know how and why this has come to be, and we will do our best to respond to these questions in the near future.

“It is our love for all of you, as well as for the music we create, that spurs us to continue on and move forward with our plans for releasing new material in the next year. We hope that all of you will come to understand this, and we appreciate your continued support while we plan the next phase of the future of Slipknot.

“Thank you, The ‘Knot”


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  • Evelz6

    It’s not even Slipknot anymore… my band is f’n falling apart man. With Paul gone and Joey leaving, it’s just not the Knot. I will always love this band, but it’s a hard pill to swallow. The memories I have going back to 1998 will keep me happy though. It was an amazing ride.

  • pennycakes

    No way!! We love Slipknot, and I talked my hubby into going to see them in concert. The deal sealer was Joey the great drummer! Wow losing Paul, and Joey not on drums … well a sad day for all Maggot-dom!!!

  • Blastbeatseverywhere

    Wow really? Are you guys slipknot or a fucking soapopra? You guys are an amazing band but have to get past all the shit that life and being a band throws at you. I know you guys can do it, your music says so. Corey Taylor I’ve read your books they helped me through my pain and ignorence. There’s nothing that no one cant get through in life.

  • Guitarlord423

    Wow you guys are stupid as fuck. Lol. You guys just lost like your whole band.

  • Josh Rowe

    R.I.P. Slipknot… With Paul dying and now Joey leaving? It just isn’t the same without them. Not trying to be negative here but I just don’t see Slipknot carrying on for much longer. Wow.. just wow… this is shitty news.

  • DJ

    It was enough to lose Paul. I said there was a future with a replacement bassist, but you cannot do it without Joey. My favorite band of all time. They got me into metal.
    Throughout my hard times, personal issues, bullying, fighting, depression, and self ignorance, they helped me through that. I know people say, its just a band. THey are a band, but they change lives. Damn, get Joey back………

  • So I am me

    Frankly, I think the Knot already stopped being the Knot after Iowa… so not a huge loss for me.

  • John Rapach

    I’m a slipknot fan, through thick and thin.