Slipknot Premiere Crushing New Song, “The Negative One”


After a long series of video teasers for their highly anticipated fifth album, Slipknot have premiered a far-beyond-heavy new song, “The Negative One”–their first original song in six years, and first ever without drummer Joey Jordison, who split with the group in 2013, and bassist Paul Gray, who passed away in 2010. The track can be streamed below or on Slipknot’s official website.

Crank it up loud and let us know what you think in the comments.

Frontman Corey Taylor has described the musical direction of the new album as “a great mesh” of 2001’s ‘Iowa’ and 2004’s ‘Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses).’ “You’ve got the gorgeous melodies and the artistic direction of ‘Vol. 3’ and then you’ve got the absolute brutality of ‘Iowa,’ he said. “And I think people are gonna lose their minds when they hear it.”

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  • Rico Bendimez

    This song is so much better than AHIG put together.

  • Cheryl Hinchman

    Amazing…I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album…fuckin sic!!

  • Negativemrb

    Diddnt know which way it would go good or bad…pretty pleased it sounds like Slipknot.

  • Oj

    Song is great but what happened to Corey’s voice? It sounds…off? is that the word I’m looking for?

  • Smithson

    This shit gives me chills! m/ They’re back bae’beh!!

  • ElainasMomma1

    I fucking love it!! I agree Coreys voice isn’t all the way there but still, after not having anything out after Paul passed, they still got it!! I cant wait to listen to the full album, fucking die hard Maggot for life!! =) m/

  • Jason

    May not be fully mixed yet for his voice, screaming like that through the years wears on the vocal chords though, so it may just be what he has now. So glad they are going back to the Iowa sound.

  • slipshot

    Are u on crack lol

  • Dave Wilson

    After All Hope Is Gone, I feel this is a step back. It has the feel of Iowa but brings nothing new to the table.

    • Mike Meyer

      Do you even know what you are saying? Iowa is 10x heavier than AHIG. AHIG was a step back…this is more like their old school stuff, which is a step FORWARD from AHIG.

      • John ‘Jesus’ Robertson

        I would say that while this sounds like the earlier stuff it doesn’t feel like the earlier stuff.

        I know that sounds fucking stupid but yeah, thats my feeling after a first listen.

        • Mike Meyer

          I know what you’re saying. I listened to it a couple times and it does sound like Iowa, but I’m not feeling it’s as heavy so far. It’s only one song though, and I’m sure there will be some more brutal songs like Iowa has. All hope is not gone, lol.

          • Dave Wilson

            Never said Iowa wasn’t heavier than AHIG, but after all this time and musical metamorphosis over the years, and Taylor continuously reinventing himself, (including stone sour), this single doesn’t quite have the energy that Iowa or their debut album had. That’s why I felt it was a step back. But we’ll see how the rest turns out.

          • Sarge

            Agreed, man. It sounds like they’re actually restraining themselves to sound like Iowa..
            The guitars are boring the hell out of me on this track, I think that’s what’s holding it back and giving in that “been there, done that” feel. Jim and Mick have written some KILLER stuff for Vol. 3 and AHIG, lots of texture and variety, but with this, they’re back to those flat 0-1-0-1-1-0 pre-Vol. 3 kind of riffs.. by the time it reaches that breakdown or whatever it’s called, the song becomes pretty tedious.
            After all the evolution they’ve shown, and with two new members on board, It would be a shame if the whole album turns out to be an effort to please the old “fans”.


          • Jon Phil

            you are so full of shit bro

    • Jon Phil

      how come no one gives shit to motorhead or gwar for never changing?
      but slipknot finally goes back to its roots and all the trolls come out to hate?

  • moshpitter

    It sounds great but, corey’s voice is just really off. I don’t think he’s use to the screaming anymore.

  • Cvgsmackfan

    This actually wasn’t bad at all considering I really don’t listen to this band that often.

  • ViTALiTY

    Yes Corey, we also were about to lose our minds with All Hope Is Gone, but with songs with lyrics as “I still press your letters to my lips”, that’s not fucking Slipknot.

    About this song, yea, Corey’s voice is getting rotten. But the man still has something there. And that is nothing to blame on. Also, it is good to hear some more DJ in there, Craig is finally have some relevance in the songs.

    It sounds like IOWA, definately. The brutality is there.

    Please Slipknot, don’t let us down.

    • Hunter

      Bro, Craig does samples. Sid Wilson does the Dj-ing.

      • Phil Tulk

        I don’t blame him with 9 members it gets kind of hard to keep track

    • Chris Pellew

      Nothing like putting shit on a great song. It’s pretty well documented that snuff was one of Pauls favorite songs that Corey wrote. Saying something isn’t slipknot is redundant. We do not define what slipknot is. They fucking do. Gtfo with that shit

  • sloanjet

    pretty awesome. who’s drumming?

    • Bryce Phipps

      They have like 8 so who knows

  • Captain Morgan

    Am I the only one who thinks this entire song is one, big intro? I’m interested enough to hear another track, but this is severly lacking in the low-end.

    • Jamie Smoot

      I agree the bottom is not quite there and i have it on decent speakers and subs

  • Art Vandelay

    Corey’s voice is def not what it used to be…I’m still looking forward to this album though. Look no further than James Hetfield to see how a singer’s voice goes to shit when he gets older/stops drinking. James is cringe-worthy live now trying to sing anything pre-Black album

    • Q

      Yeah, they should stay young and drunk forever, because that is possible.

  • musicman2093

    So fucking satisfied. haha
    I was so nervous, mainly about not having Joey, because the drums have always been a signature part of their sound. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • omertrooper77

    im happy now :3

  • MizBehav1n

    Corey’s vocals r still the best. Love this song & am stoked 4 the new album.

  • metalmelody

    Yeah wish he would go a little deeper with some of his growls but this is so fucking amazing <3 first sound from them in six years and oh man is it (SIC)!!!

  • thedevil

    Sounds fine to me…you people are a bit nuts to complain about his voice.

  • maxjahnke

    Just waiting for him to say “if your 555 then I’m 666”. Same rhythmic divisions as in Heretic Anthem.

    • JCtheFraz

      Watch out guys, someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Joey Jordison Shaw

    lyrics pls

  • Vijay S.

    Vocals are terrible, music is mediocre. I’ll wait for another single before I decide to buy this album.

  • Nevin

    Corey’s voice is fucked.

  • revraygreen


  • Xela Dawn

    Why the fuck would he put this out granted it’s not like the mixed sound trash between knot and sour like Cory couldn’t remember what band he was singing in but this sounds like they took old tracks off there first album and Iowa mixed then added lyrics

  • Andrew Coldstone Blackheart Kn

    this sounds like a falsetto for Cory, I bet they only used a duo track vocal.. but it’s very lo-fi very lacking in bass… either that’s the whole idea.. or youtube compression kicked in.. a lot of black metal is very lo-fi.. but turntables remind me of a little iowa.. and a lot the first slipknot record.. I wanna hear it live..

  • Enrique Gonzalez

    Fucking sick!! This is how the 3rd album should’ve been like fucking heavy and brutal!.

  • torture666killer

    I never was a Joey Jordison fan, but whoever is drumming on this, sucks more Wang than a Vietnamese Prostitute. I see people whining about Corey’s voice. Sounds like Slipknot to me. And better than anything that Cleveland steamer of a band Stone Sour has E-V-E-R done. I betcha revolver is sure glad Slipknot has a new album coming out. Gonna sell some magazines with Slipknot on the cover for the rest of the year.

    • 23

      lol you’re a fag. I wanna see & hear you drum for a badass band xD fucking hater

      • PutYourThinkingPantsOn

        I don’t think he’s a fag. The drumming is pretty weak.

        • Carl

          weak?… fuck… that’s just discouraging xD. He’s no Joey Jordison or Mike Portnoy, or whoever else you might have in mind that’s true. But this isn’t bad.

          • PutYourThinkingPantsOn

            My opinion is probably skewed. I grew up listening to death metal. In the death metal world this drumming is weak. The straight quarter note sections kill it for me.

      • torture666killer

        I wanna see you forcibly sodomized with a cactus. Ya donkey raping shit eater.

  • Andrew Shreves

    TRUE SLIPKNOT, is what SLIPKNOT decides to put out, NOT THE FANS who think that they somehow wrote the book on real slipknot?? haha its ok to HAVE A FAVORITE sound and album, but NOT to TELL THE KNOT that what they are doing IS NOT TRUE SLIPKNOT.

  • Chad l Wright

    Yeah you ASS monkeys who dont sing or do vocals have no room to talk you suck camels balls does any other vocalist sound the same album after album no they dont wait an hear them live before you start bashing on cory its one of the toughest instruments in the band ? Wtf.

  • Monstro


  • Scary

    This song, I love it!

  • Who cares

    Good shit !

  • mosh


  • icedgrills

    The guitar tone throws off everything, it sounds hollow and detracts from the otherwise heaviness of the song. The song itself is as slipknot as ever with the motifs and general direction I think we probably all expected to some extent. Its a shame Joeys gone because the drums are seriously lacking but this song almost makes sense of why he left. The album will probably be pretty good.

  • Alpha

    Sounds an awful lot like Disasterpiece, ..which is not bad AT ALL!! Bring the noise Knot Heads!!

  • Ajmoyer

    Slipknot is fuckin awesome, you idiots who sit there and whine that they change, yeah no shit fuck pit, they’ve been rocking hard since before your grandmother was in the home, fuckin stupid fucks just complain, i know it’s different without joey n Paul, hell, it should b, they killed this song, its heavier than a 5000 pound bag of fuck you. Where’s your band buds, oh yeah, still wearing skinny jeans playing Silverstein in your moms basement , fuckin pussholes

  • Brayton Brumett


  • tcMAGGOT


    • Chad Mcdaniel

      pretty sure revolver has the sources or they would have not put it in the article…

    • nathan

      Joey left the band on good standings he has tried to branch out into other things. Joey has said that he has no problem helping slipknot with an album but joey wanted to continue his legacy with another band. Not worth fighting over the internet. And revolver only talks to the artist direct what they say is true. Look up joeys new band its very heavy

    • Michael Martin

      joey is gone maybe you need to do more research joey himself has stated in interviews that his no longer with slipknot it was a mutual split with no hard feelings

    • kelsums666

      Joey stated he did not quit the band. That is what tcMAGGOT is trying to say I think. I still think there is some background hidden legal shit. Corey gets pretty bitter in some interviews

      • tcMAGGOT

        The band that is slipknot is owned by the original 9 and as far I can see joey is not gonna give that up for shit. He may not be in this song or the album but he is one of the original 9. So he is still a part of slipknot whether or not they like it unless he gives up his rights to the band .but like I said, I dont see that happening.

    • sten swarty

      I read they booted him out for missing sessions. All hear say tho

  • linotheundead

    People bitching about the drums and vocals, no bottom end etc… Maybe I’m wrong, but to me this sounds like a demo recording. I suspect the final mix of this song will be THICK like the polished bombastic tone on AHIG, and will probably blow us all away!

  • SirAwesome6auce

    No one wants this to sound even remotely like ahig wtf???

  • Robert T Dubel

    sounds like knot ,it may just be the media source but there is zero bass my only concern , as far as drums there good they fit or he wouldnt be in the band and bass well that dude is a sick ass bass player ,although you can hear it in this but it might be the media its on

    • JCtheFraz

      It could be your speakers. I hear plenty of bass.

  • jaybe11

    what ever happend to knot fest 2 ? that was what 2 years ago ,i was there by the front of the stage , Corey said that this just the start of some thing that was going to keep happening a start to some thing big, wow glade i was there it was the first and the last one.

    • carlos

      It in LA in OCt

    • sten swarty

      October 24-26 in California

    • Beefcake Baroni

      It’s back and the line-up is horrible. For every decent band there are 3 shitty bands. King 810, Upon A Burning Body, Hellyeah, In This Moment, Of Mice and Men, Chelsea Grin, Butcher Babies, etc. Horrible!!

  • Thawk555666

    TcMAGGOT…… you know why Joey is gone?? I sure do….i’d like tp hear your take

  • nate

    Ok people. It says original audio in the title. No studio bullshit added. It’s raw as shit. It tweaked yet

  • Jeremy Flanders

    Sounds more like their older stuff. Kind of between Self titled and Iowa. I like it. Could benefit from at least one clean line but still good for a demo track!

  • Yenko

    Joey (Nathan) is out. Why are people saying he never left? There are sources everywhere stating otherwise. This song is badass! Old school slipknot sound making a return

  • an0id

    UGH. am i old, or did i just develop taste? maybe its neither, maybe its just this? slamslamslamslamnoisenoisenoisenoise. its only missing the cookie monster for a mid song voice over. Sorry guys, the talent is gone. Corey is good, but stick to stone sour dude.

    • Jon Phil

      old, I say old lol

  • JCtheFraz

    Man, I’m sick of these morons criticizing Slipknot’s songs like their opinions matter. Maggots wipe their cracks with your opinions. It’s not up to you. It’s up to Slipknot. Slipknot has always done what they wanted to do. They don’t write their music for you, me, or anyone else. They don’t answer or cater to anyone but themselves. That’s how it has always been. No one cares what you ignorant ultracrepidarian idiots think. So you don’t like Slipknot, that’s fine. Nobody’s perfect. We can’t force you to be right.

    • Terry

      Perfectly said!

      • Mike Reeves

        as a musician this is crap! it sucks! period!

        • Michael Martin

          as someone who doesnt care that your a musician shut up you probably suck

          • Mike Reeves

            lol you all kill me, because i think its crap its just my opinion, i dont think all there songs suck just this new one i dont like it,and i expressed my opinion about it, get over it..

        • Demonix819

          Playing in your mom’s basement don’t count.

        • KIM

          really Mke that’s funny I don’t see people lining up for concerts to hear you play!!! JUST SHUT UP you know nothing of Music your just some 30 something year old who plays in a little band in your mamas basement.

        • Kevin Holmes

          So where can I listen to your album? Are you signed to a Major or Indie Label? What is the name of your band? You doing any tours?

        • sten swarty

          Yea where’s your platinum album troll

        • JCtheFraz

          Dude, the fact that you’re a self-proclaimed ‘musician’ adds zero validity to your primitive, baseless opinion. You and all the other naysayers will not stop the seas of maggots from showing up to see the monsters perform live again.

    • kelsums666

      Slipknot was always the 9. We’re down to the 7 and friends. I am a maggot. But slipknot is dead. It’s like giving cpr to a corpse at this point. Nothing will bring the knot back. Sure the ideals are still there but it’s just not the same. Joey and paul were one of what, 3 maybe 4 founding members? I loved slipknot, I still do love their old stuff. Changed my life, how I think everything. But come on dude let’s face it. They aren’t the same people, the same band, hell at this point they aren’t even trying. They’re just jacking off into the wind and hoping you like the taste.

      • Azazel

        Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh STFU

  • David John Wiot

    I like it definitely an old school Slipknot vibe

    • Clint

      You’re a fuckwit

      • Michael Martin

        no clint your the fuckwit this is deff more old school slipknot then whats come out since iowa hit the shelves does corey go as deep and heavy with his vocals as he used to no and yea the drumline isnt joey but its damn close to being what it has been

  • Arthur

    “Far-beyond-heavy new song”? Where? Sorry, I didn’t see it… Even BABYMETAL is heavier than this! I miss the good old Slipknot… The only thing I like about this song is Corey vocals…

    • Patrick Rhoades

      sounds like oldschool slipknot to me. Then again to me its the music not the members that makes a band as long as the band has progressed with minimal lineup changes its usually fine. The fact that they had a member changed and ended up sounding more like themselves and less like stone sour (slightly more hardcore edition) is actually pretty awesome. Go listen to their original albums and say this sucks and is less heavy because this is actually heavier and more complicated than the original especially bringing the percussion back to its original levels instead of hiding it like they have been in favor of joey. tired of slipknot sounding like 4 members.

      • Arthur

        Man, my complain is about the ”far-beyond-heavy” topic, not the band! I’m a Maggot, I love Slipknot, I have all the albuns… I just played the song hoping for a mindblowing song and I can’t find it… The Slipknot Album is sick! Pure roots… Iowa is heavy, is Brutal! The Subliminal Verses is a ballance of this brutallity with melody and it’s a great album too, and so it’s AHIG… So, with the rumors about this new album comming saying that this sickness and brutallity was coming back, I expected a much more heavy song! I didn’t said it’s bad, I just said I overexpected…

  • Jake

    Really diggin this new age Slipknot, I’ve waited 6 years for new music and I am nowhere near disappointed

  • Jon Phil

    the song sounds amazing, it is pure slipknot. The voice is great.
    I dont get all the hate. I swear metal fans are the most picky and jaded of all

  • dude

    Stone sour is better

  • dude

    If I was 16 and pissed off and not getting any pussy this would be good!

    • sten swarty

      So you’re what 37 pissed of without getting pussy?

      • Del Parrish

        40. And prefer pay-and-go blowjobs from Dirty Women. Less risk of disease. Again. :(

  • ty

    yes. wiked. love it. that is all.

  • adbb

    this isnt slipknot anymore…..

    • Jordan King

      this is actually the closest slipknot has been to self tittled and iowa…. so i’d say… this is finally slipknot again.

      • sten swarty


  • FireKnot

    way to go thrash and no voice changer thing like he does in duality this song is unbelievable i really love this song deserves major respect.

  • Shawn Bertsch

    i really do not know what people are complaining about ….from just hearing this song the sampling or what have u …is more of the first album…….the vocal structure seems more like iowa…….the guitar is like both albums with a hint of the 3rd album……the drumming well eh it just sucks lol nothing special ………it seems they have went back to their original sound and really strayed away from all hope is gone……..which is good….i will buy the album just because…..i like em……..have since 98….

  • ryan

    I’m loving the way it came out I preferred the older way slipknot sounded so yes a plus can’t wait to hear the whOle album. :)

  • Mike Reeves

    it sucks

    • rich


    • Del Parrish

      It’s like Metallica without Burton. Sabbath without Ward. It’s just missing some of it’s familiar components. If is this the song they’re proudest of, I’ll be careful of the new album in commercial terms.

  • Juan

    In my opinion, they steered toward a more Hard Rock type of sound like in Vol. 3 and it implements elements of both Iowa and AHIG, when it comes to aggressiveness in the sound. I’m glad they changed it and didn’t keep the same “generic” metal sound like in All Hope Is Gone. If you’re a fan of the music, then you know this is what Slipknot is all about, pure and simple, and straight to the motherf***in’ core. Stay [sic] guys and maggots m/

  • sarge

    This is slipknot back to basics,fuckin love it. Give me more!!

  • kelsums666

    It sounds like a mesh of all their old song in one. Not very original. Literally I was thinking lyrics from old songs with drums, the guitars, the scratching. It’s shit. And slipknot isn’t slipknot without joey and paul. They sound awful. Maybe the whole thing is samples from their old hits. A whole new version of greatest hit mash up with corey singing over it. Also, why did joey leave?

    • NeroSykes

      Cause he was to busy with STM so he missed quite some slipknot sessions, they pulled him out

    • Johnson

      What an absolute shit comment. Do you really believe what you just wrote ? You need to go and find a corner and have a good hard think about what you are saying because when you do you might just wake up and realise you are as clueless about metal as justin beiber is about anything ! Seriously

  • Ryan Robert Mathew Picard

    Who is on drums?

    • sten swarty

      Lars… jk I’d also like to know

  • sarge

    Listen all, bands change people leave, and pass away, rip paul sorely missed, but grieving over lets get on with making music, its slipknot back from the ashes, one man dont make a band, nine do!!

    • KIM


    • Del Parrish

      The death of Gray (RIP) and the absence on Jordison really make a difference in my opinion. But it’s just my opinion.

      Maybe they should have changed the bandname to ‘Noose’.

  • bLu607

    Yeah man…I’ll be buying this album.

  • Hoser

    …for the Juggalos who like metal. Sorry, I think it is awful.

  • Ashur

    I fucking love it. It sounds great, and I can’t wait until the album comes out. So stoked.

  • Deimos

    This is old school slipknot 4 sure with an essence of sepultura thrown in 4 good messure

  • Whatever

    I did not like the song. this is not what i expect.

  • KIM


  • Denver Fernandes

    Sounds like heretic anthem and sic had a very deformed child with some vital parts missing to fuck shit up ….

    • Del Parrish

      I cannot disagree with that, and I liked all four previous studio albums. This sounds like a demo. Hope they polish it up and spice up the drums.

  • Scythe Massakür

    This son is awesome! I added it to my work out regime.

  • DrLaughingMind

    Do you miss the songwriting of Joey Jordison?
    Now I do…

  • Karl Kemmerer

    ho hum… it happened…

  • joaquin


  • FuckIt

    Well when you look at it from the point of view from the hardcore fans, its quite brutal and heavy. It has the pure essence of Iowa.
    Personally I could listen to them all day and still get my adrenaline rush every time.
    Yes the drums could be that little bit more technical but this is SlipKnot coming back from being knocked to the ground. Paul dying and Joey leaving.
    It is impressive considering everything the band has faced and are facing.
    I will not back down my love for SlipKnot and I really love this song.
    I am happy they have gone back to old roots, but we will see what the rest of the album is like. And by writing our opinion, I really don’t think they give a fuck about what we have to say.

  • Rayzor1969

    I Like Slipknot and i will take into consideration that its been awhile but it sounds to rehashed maybe its just a demo i dont know but i can hear that Joey is not in the band and to me if this is finished product that its just average to me.

  • Amir Hafezi

    Nothing special, somehow boring!

    • sten swarty

      Just like your comment then

      • Amir Hafezi

        Here comes the commentator of the year!!!

  • BuzzBuzzard Ard

    Sounds awsome! Sounds like Slipknot.
    If we as a country ever invade another country again.
    It is my hope that Mick Thompson and Jim Root are on
    pedestals playing us to Victory! Maybe they could be
    on the shoreline when China invades US! Bloody waters and shark
    eaten body parts. Lol Sounds like an episode of “Metalocalypse”!

    • Del Parrish

      Hamburger Time!

  • tex3500

    This is way better then old Slipknot. Was not a fan of Jordinson who had no rythem.

    • Del Parrish

      That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever read on the internet. Joey Jordison? No Rhythm? Joey Jordison filled in for drum tour dates with Metallica and Korn, I think it was Korn. Anywho, I just have to say that Bat Boy fighting in the Iraq War makes more sense than Jordison having no rhythm. That guy destroys a drum set. Seriously.

  • sten swarty

    Hell yea!!!

  • Filipus

    Even if Joey is there no more….the band is still going forward….going back to the basic, cause sometimes to go forward u got to go back

  • Paul


  • JCtheFraz

    The same people who bash this song are the same people who have never liked Slipknot (in which case their opinions are utterly invalid) or who have only liked Slipknot’s mainstream singles (in which case their opinions are ALSO utterly invalid). This song and this album will serve its purpose to the maggots. That’s all that matters.

  • josh hennon

    I’ve been a fan of slipknot since 99 when there self titled came out and as I feel one of there biggest fans and supporters and for the people that don’t like this song u are stupid this is how there music used to be before snuff “which is still a good song” and all the other softer melody’s to them !!! So u all are idiots for saying it sucks go back and listen to the first three albums again cause u obviously have no clue what your talking about !!!!

    • knotlookingbak

      Yes love it u are exactly right ive been a maggot since 99 and will b till i die i tatooed the S on me ima such a fan and wantvthere faces on me

  • josh hennon

    O and one more thing for the douch that said they need joeys writing !!!!! Scar the martyr is fucking horrible and that was all his shit !!!

  • skratchy

    Ahhhh shit, son. Video removed.

  • William Toal

    You guys are just negative ones

  • claudyclaudy

    removed vid, r u friggin kiddin me??????

  • dirt

    A lot more Sid

  • n0_s0uL

    I`m a fan and I also didn`t like it the first time I listened to it . So I turned the volume up and played it again … hell yeah it`s good , it`s more then good even. They are going back to their roots it seems which is (sic) ! Can`t wait to see the video on 5th of July ~!

  • Phillip Craggs

    What’s with all the b.s, I think the track is,awesome very old school slipknot