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Interview Outtake: Slipknot Vocalist Corey Taylor Shares Vinnie Paul's Advice After Paul Gray's Passing

Interview Outtake: Slipknot Vocalist Corey Taylor Shares Vinnie Paul's Advice After Paul Gray's Passing

With the release of our new Slipknot special collector's issue, we're celebrating Slipknot month on, unleashing new interviews, photos, favorite Slipknot song picks from a host of celeb columnists, and much more. So check back right here often. In the issue, we talk to Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor about the passing of bassist Paul Gray and the band's future. In this exclusive outtake from our interview, Taylor shares the words of wisdom he received from Vinnie Paul, of Pantera and Hellyeah fame, who, of course, lost his own bandmate, and brother, Dimebag Darrell to tragedy.

"You know, it’s crazy: The first gig that we played with [Taylor's other band] Stone Sour [after Paul's death] was one of the Rock am Ring, Rock im Park festivals. And the first people I saw were the guys in Alice in Chains [who lost original singer Layne Staley] and the guys from Hellyeah and then later on James Hetfield [who lost Metallica bassist Cliff Burton] went out of his way to come and check on me. And it was crazy, you know, like, you don’t really sit down and think about, not only the fact that you’ve lost someone, but just how many people have in this business. I mean, it’s kind of crazy. Just the fact that they went  out of their way to see how I was doing and see how the band was doing, not only let me know how much respect they had for Paul, but for the band as a whole, you know. And in a weird way, it felt good to know that, you know, Pauly left his mark, Pauly left his legacy. He helped create music that touched so many people,whether they were fans or other bands.

"The thing that they let me know is that it never really goes away: There’s always a hole basically. It may get better but it never really goes away. The best advice I got was from Vinnie. And he basically told me—and this is a guy who not only lost his band mate, but he lost his brother, his true brother—he let me know, he’s like, “Man, the thing you’ve gotta remember is you’re living for two. You’re living for two now ’cause his spirit is never gone.” He’s like, “So everything you do, every experience, every victory, you know, you’re winning for two, you’re living for two, you’re laughing for two. That’s forever.” And made it a little easier for me. It let me enjoy things. It let me love again, basically, let’s put it that way. And I keep Paul with me every day, you know. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Vinnie sharing that with me ’cause, I mean, I knew Vinnie and Dime, both, you know. They were at our first show in Dallas. We got to hang out with them--they were the first dudes that really went out of their way to embrace Slipknot, as far as, like, other bands go. And it was great, it felt really good to know that Vinnie was sharing something with me like that."

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