Son of Aurelius Premiere New Album, Under a Western Sun

Photo credit: Vincenzo Codispoti

Photo credit: Vincenzo Codispoti

California technical-metal band Son of Aurelius released their new record, Under a Western Sun, today. The band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere the entire album, right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

For more on Son of Aurelius, visit their Facebook and Twitter.


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  • dem0n0cracy

    this is stupendous. I miss some of the harsh vocals from the last album, but the layering of the guitars is spellbinding in this.

  • brian

    Honestly can’t tolerate the clean vocals. They sound awful to me, and usually I don’t mind clean vocals.

  • brian

    Also, they look like a Christian rock band posing for their album cover.

  • Chris

    Great album. Loving the new vocals and all the instrument s are on point.

  • chris

    I find it terrible. .I hate when bands change for the worse…….bummer ….musics good but not the SOA I started listening too….ill skip this entirely. ..good luck

  • Johnny Angel

    I like this. Yes the clean vox kinda suck (mainly because I can’t stand how he sounds like the dude from Incubus), but there is enough techy-death to keep it interesting. Also they seem to focus more on the song writing than just stringing along riffs. This is a similar evolution that The Faceless took. People didn’t like Autotheism because of the more song-writing approach.