Staind’s Aaron Lewis Calls Out Fans for “Molesting” Young Crowd Surfer

Staind slide

During Staind’s set at Kansas City’s Rockfest, frontman Aaron Lewis stopped in the middle of the performance when he allegedly witnessed a group of fans “molesting” a young girl who was crowd surfing. He then told the crowd exactly what he was seeing and what he felt about it in an angry, expletive-filled rant. You can view the uncensored moment below, which begins around the 40-second mark. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • JT


  • bob barker

    calm down, take yer prozac better yet quit. your band sucks ass pal.

    • Sam

      Because molesting a child is okay? Stfu.

    • LR

      That “One” vote up, was meant to be a vote down! Bob Barker? Really?

      • bob barker

        haha fucking retard

  • Steven Mathis

    Who knew Bob Barker was a troll? Of course, he did get a few sexual harassment charges leveled against him, so maybe he would be cool with underage girls being groped at a concert.

  • Rita Padilla-Steiner

    Mad Respect, for Staind, and Aaron Lewis, just cause your at a concert, doesn’t give you the right to touch some one else whether of age or not!

  • DahliaFire

    Fuck Yes Aaron Lewis! I am not a Staind fan, but that was awesome. I am glad when he saw it happening he stopped and said something, never seen / heard a band stop something like that from happening.

  • WrestlingFan

    I always thought you went to a concert for the music, not to be an idiot and cop a feel. Good for Aaron and the way he stopped in the middle of the song, awesome way to stick up for your fans! Maybe next time, if someone thinks about doing something similar, they’ll think twice about such perverted and stupid acts.

  • Josh Rowe

    Aaron is awesome! Just another reason I love Staind.

  • Findlayfiend

    something similar to this happened at Rock on the Range, but not as bad. he was a lot more calm about it cuz it wasn’t a young girl.

  • Sammy Batshitcrazy Healy

    just another reason to love staind and Aaron fecken legend wish more would give a shit about their fans and what happens at concerts

  • Michelle

    Good for Aaron. He seems like he is an upstanding guy. Hard to find after money and fame take their hold. One more thing that adds to his “Hot Factor”… :)

  • Nate S.

    Talk about a bunch of assholes how would they like that done to there sister or there girl my bad by there behavior they must not have one ! Ive seen staind and Papa Roach in Summer Set WI and The singer for papa roach did the same thing !

  • Guest

    Protect your fans or you don’t deserve the. its that simple

  • Craig Warke

    protect your fans or you dont deserve them, its that simple

  • Knut Holt

    But are you sure this Aaron Lewis did not misinterprete something totally innocent?