Star & Dagger’s Sean Yseult Picks Her Top Five Horror Movies

Co-founded by metal lifer Phil Anselmo and true-crime author Corey Mitchell, the inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival goes down in Austin, Texas, October 25 – 27. Brazilian horror legend Coffin Joe will be there, Nekromantik director Jörg Buttgereit will be there, The Manson Family director Jim VanBebber, Goblin will be there live-scoring a screening of Susperia while Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar will provide a live score to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in his Void ov Voices alter ego. Down, Crowbar, Eyehategod, and Warbeast will play, as will Anselmo’s solo project, Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals. All in all, it will be a sick, twisted, and terrifying experience for all who attend. In anticipation of the event, various members of the HHFF staff and bands will be providing weekly lists on a variety of ghoulish topics; here, Sean Yseult–the bassist of one of the other performing bands, Star & Dagger, and of course the former bassist of White Zombie–picks her Top Five Horror Movies.

1. Frankenstein “My all time favorite monster and horror movie, hands down. The horrifying beauty of the monster, the laboratory, and the cinematography, in glorious black and white, are just a few things that make this great. Not to mention the nod to the common practice of grave robbing by doctors for cadavers back in the day, and the gore of assembling various corpses together. It’s also not often that you identify with the monster and feel compassion for it–or is that just me?”







2. At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul “The world this demonic man concocts could not be more sinister: sadistic, evil, and full of graveyards, murders, and torture. This mortician beats the shit out of people with his cane just for laughs! This is the first Brazilian horror movie ever made, and the first in a trilogy. Truly twisted and demented, star Coffin Joe is no joke–I met him on his home turf in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and having his claws next to my eyeballs while laying in his coffin did nothing to alleviate my fears! I look forward to and fear seeing him again in person at the HHFF!”








3. Spiderbaby “What’s scarier than an incestuous family that all mentally deteriorate at a certain age, regressing to cannibalism and murder (and more incest)?! How about two age-inappropriate young girls flitting about in slips, simultaneously trying to seduce their uncle and then kill him? The family story gets weirder; a must see–again in glorious black and white!”










4. Suspiria “Argento and Goblin, aaah the glory!!! A haunting and beautiful film from one of the best directors in horror, with my favorite band creating the soundtrack. I seriously cannot believe I am going to see Goblin live at HHFF! Not to mention the plot: a ballet academy run by a coven of witches? Sounds like my childhood upbringing!”







5. The Shining “The idea that a place can consume you is terrifying in itself. Add a crazed Jack Nicholson with an axe, a haunting bartender, two beckoning little girls, a possessed little boy, a waterlogged corpse that comes to life, and you’ve got a party. Next stop? Blood-filled elevators! A Star & Dagger favorite, we are in the process of shooting a video for our track ‘In My Blood’ that makes many references to The Shining, hoping to premiere at the HHFF. See y’all there!”


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  • David Dodd

    As if Sean’s immaculate good taste wasn’t already evident in her wondrous musical output and amazing artistic achievements, now her list of top 5 horror flicks leaves absolutely no doubt that she Rocks!!!! All of these choices are awesome; I too put Whale/Karloff’s Frankenstein at the top of my list. Believe her when she speaks of Coffin Joe, I had the (mis?)fortune of meeting him at a screening of “At Midnight..” about 15-20 yrs ago in Hollyweird. It was translated live by an associate of his, as was his discussion about the making of it. I must tell you, meeting him and shaking his hand (with those l–o—n—g fingernails), a cold dark chill went through my whole body as he smiled at me. I have never been so scared in my whole life!!! Although I would have to squeeze “Night of the Living Dead” into my top 5, I have no idea which one of Sean’s it would replace!? I want to go to Tejas SO bad , see/hear Goblin, see Coffin Joe again (ulp!), but especially to see Star & Dagger live, featuring the lovely (in her twisted, deranged little heart as well as physically), and talented Rock Goddess, Sean Yseult! If only I could :^( waahhhh Everyone going, make sure you tip a Hot Sake to Devil Doll!