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Static-X Bassist Leaves Band

Static-X Bassist Leaves Band

It has been about two months since Static-X reunited in early July and bassist Brent Ashley (pictured left) has already left the band.

In a Facebook post, Ashley said he wished it would have "ended differently." He also Tweeted, "Being the professional I am I wont call anyone out or point fingers as to why I left.. but if ya meet me in person.. feel free to ask."

This isn't the first time Static-X has had bassist issues. Original bassist Tony Campos said around the time of the band's reunion that he has no interest in working with frontman Wayne Static now or in the future. Campos recently played bass on the new Prong record, Carved Into Stone.

A tough job? Maybe. It is unknown who will be playing bass for Static-X's upcoming tour with Emmure and Ill Nino.


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