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Stiletto Red Announce New Album, US Tour in 2013

Stiletto Red Announce New Album, US Tour in 2013

After nearly 10 years of friendship, songs and near-tragedies, Orlando, Florida’s Stiletto Red sets out to release their first album in early 2013 before a long-awaited tour spanning several months. Now a part of the In Demand Talent booking network that features rock acts like Chevelle, Eye Empire and many more, M7 Agency is scheduling Stiletto Red for a Southeast-Midwest US tour beginning immediately after the album’s international release.

Being young on the scene didn’t stop Stiletto Red from turning out huge numbers at their first show ever at Downtown Disney’s House of Blues on December 21. They opened the End Of The World show that night to a crowd totaling almost max capacity.

Now with so much work to be done amidst the carnage of being a functioning band with a huge turnout, their next shows will be in mid-February as they kick off their first tour. The band can’t wait to knock out America.

In the meantime, they’ve been busy getting their music featured on radio stations across the country. They were also lucky enough to be invited to an impromptu interview and acoustic session on Channel 6 News in Orlando early one Sunday morning, making Stiletto Red the first of its kind, as this had never been done at the station before. The band’s interviews and singles can be found at their Facebook page.

Stiletto Red is Angel and Jared on guitars, Gio on vocals, Ryan on bass and Sean on drums. For tour details and to download Stiletto Red’s album for free, visit

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