Stone Sour Part Ways with Guitarist Jim Root

Jim RootOver the weekend, Stone Sour announced they had parted ways with guitarist Jim Root (pictured left).

Root responded on Instagram to a fan’s question about Stone Sour saying, “I’m not in that band anymore. Not my decision. Not happy about it.”

Earlier this year Root did not tour with Stone Sour, choosing instead to focus on writing a new Slipknot album.

Stone Sour made an announcement saying, “As some of you might have heard by now, Stone Sour and Jim Root have indeed parted ways. We were trying to wait until the completion of the new Slipknot album, but in light of recent events, we are going to confirm this information and move on. We feel it’s best for both bands and hope that is reflected in the days to come. We will give you more information when the time comes.”

Both Stone Sour and Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor confirmed via Twitter that Root is still in Slipknot and working on their new record together.


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  • Madcat

    First Shawn Economaki now Jim Root, what is going on here?

    • Arthur McCann

      i know i thought Shawn was awesome

    • Iastonesour1

      Just saw Shawn playing with Deadfront in Des Moines. If you have a chance check them out. Shawn seemed happy and played amazingly!

  • Magenta Nyx

    Wtf is goin on??? Are the rumours of corey gettin too big for his boots true??

    • Jack


    • Jared Estes

      pretty sure it has to do with him wanting to work on the slipknot album more than stone sour. he did not tour with stone sour so he could work on the album for slipknot. same with joey. seemed like joey’s priorities were more towards scar the martyr than slipknot.

      • Magenta Nyx

        But the interview quotes Jim as saying “not my decision, not happy about it”…..

  • kracken1202

    Jim and Joey should start a band

    • Nawaf Albardooli

      cool they should

  • Nawaf Albardooli

    one out from knot and the other out from stone seems now they are both equal one out now i hope they wont be equal on a death .. seems the vocals losing it all

  • Art Vandelay

    Man Stone Sour is falling apart! This new Slipknot album better be killer, though I have my doubts without Paul RIP

  • Jake

    I have a feeling that Corey may be the reason that both bands are going through line-up changes… still pissed about Joey getting the boot.

  • liberi torres oliveira

    james root es una gran persona simpre lo recordare como el super man del slipknot lo kiero muncho aun que yo solo tenga 12

    años siempre sera mi prefrido y paul gray corey taylor bueno es decir todos pero el que siempre lo quiero y lo recordare como si lo hubiera conosido es james root

  • liberi torres oliveira

    yo no queria que james root se hibiera muerto y paul gray tampoco eelos son mi motivo de vivir sin ellos en el grupo no es slipkno es slipknot sin los mejores claro aparte de corey taylor….. Si el slipknot lee esto o el stone sour quiero que sepais que sois mi motivo de vivi porque sin vosotros y vuestras musicas yo no estaria viva solo tengo 12 años pero yo ya no tengo gans de vivir sin james root enla banda os acompaño en el sentimiento un saludo liberia torres