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Stone Sour Streaming New Album, House of Gold & Bones Part 1

Stone Sour Streaming New Album, <em>House of Gold & Bones Part 1</em>

Stone Sour released part one of a two album series, House of Gold & Bones, on Roadrunner Records today. Singer, songwriter, and lyricist Corey Taylor, also the frontman of Slipknot and the bestselling author of last year's Seven Deadly Sins, wrote the lyrics for the 23 tracks that make up House of Gold & Bones as a linear storyline, which follows the compelling story of a character created by Taylor. Music is just one of the mediums used to tell the story; Corey Taylor recently revealed details of the new project with Dark Horse Comics, House of Gold & Bones which follows, and expands on, the story contained within the albums. With stunning covers from Jason Shawn Alexander (Empty Zone, Batman, Abe Sapien), this limited four-issue series marks Corey Taylor’s debut in the comics genre.

You can stream the album right here.

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