Sublime with Rome’s Rome Ramirez Says Linkin Park Narced on the Band, Mike Shinoda Denies Claim

linkin parkSublime with Rome frontman, Rome Ramirez, claims Linkin Park narced on the band for smoking marijuana while his band was onstage at KFMA Day in Tuscon, Arizona.

In a series of Tweets, he said, “Linkin Park called the cops on us and said that they were allergic to pot. Cops came and took all our weed while we on stage” and called them “Linkin narc.”

A police report from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department states that officers were “approached by the security guard for the band Lincoln Park [sic].”

“We were advised by one of the security guards that one of the band members was complaining about another band, known as Sublime, smoking marijuana next door… They were requesting for us to talk to the band to tell them to stop smoking the marijuana inside,” the report read.

Officers confiscated the “bags of marijuana” and some paraphernalia.

According to Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, who also took to Twitter, said, “LP didn’t ‘call the cops’ on @RomeMusica smoking pot. Not sure where the rumor came from. Definitely not my style, bummer it happened.”

Shinoda maintains that his band did not have any involvement in the incident saying, “We were at a meet & greet when Sublime was on stage, not dressing room. Wouldn’t even know if there was smoke” and “If someone was ‘representing the band’ to the cops in the venue about weed smoke, they were out of line.”


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  • Sean Daniels