Suicide Silence Vocalist Mitch Lucker Killed in Motorcycle Accident

According to The Press-Enterprise, Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker died this morning due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

“the Orange County coroner’s office said Lucker was pronounced dead at 6:17 a.m. Thursday at UCI Medical Center in Orange County,” the reports says. “Coroner’s officials said Lucker was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday. Huntington Beach police were investigating the crash and expected to release details Thursday morning.”

Suicide Silence posted the following message on their Facebook page: “There’s no easy way to say this. Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely devastating to all of us and we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be forever in our hearts. R.I.P. Mitchell Adam Lucker – We Love You Brother.”

Revolver has supported Lucker and Suicide Silence from the beginning, featuring them on the magazine cover and honoring them with Golden God awards. We send our condolences to all his friends, family, and fans. Rest in peace.


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  • mr demons

    the the fuck is the press enterprise?

  • Mörgue Monster Grimmer

    holy shit! no DDDDD’:

  • Natedogg23

    Wow That Shit is Crazy! R.I.P

  • Perry Jones

    sorry to hear this. RIP

  • fuffi47

    shit.. so young :( so sad.. R.I.P.

  • Serch Fierros SSF

    I can’t fucking believe it!!!!

  • Tati

    goddammit man, why…. im going to cry. he’s dead and ill never get to see them …. RIP dude T_T

  • antiposers


  • Cassie KnifeParty Bishop

    one will understand the depth and despair I’m feeling at this very
    moment. The man I love, adored, and idolized most, was killed last night
    in a motorcycle accident. My heart is shattered. Rest in peace Mitch
    Lucker. I hope you find peace on the other side.

    • tag ramble

      You are a moron.

      • Koinonia_92

        No more than yourself apparently…

  • Camilo Ramirez Rivera

    : ( always screaming with you. R.I.P
    he always live in our heatrs

  • Terry Anderson

    Unreal… I am speechless. R.I.P man…

  • Katy

    omg, i cant im crying

  • Rema Madison Alfasdfhjklj

    Crying so much i cant even.. and the fact that he was BEYOND close towards his daughter.. his ” boo boo ” is just crazy.. ive honestly have been crying since i found out :'( R.I.P Mitch , we all love you lots <3 hope youre watching us all, go have fun!<3 ..
    cant even believe i just said that.. :'( happened out of no where oh my god…….

    • Andy Collier

      Why would you cry about someone that you don’t even know? He may have been an awesome musician, but that’s kind of creepy and pathetic. Just my opinion. (And what any non-psycho fan is thinking when they read your post.)

      • Marcus Meira

        Leave him be. He’s already feeling bad, the last thing he needs right now is someone saying he’s creepy and pathetic.

      • DahliaFire

        Everybody grievs in their own way dude…..
        Maybe he had a large influence in this persons life and they’re dealing with the loss in a diffrent way then you are.

      • Tyler

        That’s really inconsiderate dude, let people do what the fuck they want to do.

        • Andy Collier

          Nobody is allowed to do anything they want in the modern world. Especially on the internet. They put it for everyone to see. Technically, anyone that posts online agrees to be insulted. It’s like being a democrat sharing their opinions at a republican convention. You have every reason to do so, but expect to get a plethora of disagreements. Some people might go as far as insulting you is obscene ways. But, most people will tell you that they disagree.

          I agree that what I said was inconsiderate. But, I believe that it’s just tough love. They need to know that crying over somebody that you mean nothing to is just unhealthy for your psyche. Many people commit suicide if they get too upset. It’s similar to sports fans commiting homicide or suicide because their team lost. It’s very, very common. Especially in the United States.

          Hell, a teen killed himself in Russia like a day ago because his favorite Naruto character died in a movie.

          All i meant to say was that he needs to just get over it, not cry, and live on. (But, I did it in a more dickish way.)

      • SGT. SILENCE

        Dude. Mitch waas still a man. People loved him. LET US GREIVE FOR CHRIST SAKE!

    • Glen Benton

      Yeah, you are a pathetic waste of life crying for some talentless douche bag you didn’t even know.

      • Derek Neibarger

        and you’re a dickless troll.

      • Matt Atkin

        And you are a cunt. See, anyone can abuse people from the safety of their keyboard.

      • SGT. SILENCE


      • Andy Collier

        Dude, even though I think it’s pointless to cry about someone whom you meant nothing to, That’s just harsh. For the genre that Mitch was creating music for, he had talent. He was one of the few unique voices in modern metal (or however you want to classify it. I really could care less.).

        I was being serious about my previous comment. It was an opinion. But, you’re just posting this to be a complete douche and a lame troll. When you accomplish as much as Mitch, you can insult his talent.

  • self

    where is your fucking god?

    • Mike Thompson

      God brought that man to earth in the first place. Be thankful we had the time we had with him.

  • Ahmed Alaa

    Rest in peace emo kid, he totally worth it.

  • Lily Saunders

    RIP mitch</3 you were one of my biggest inspirations. your name ill never be forgotten<3 you helped me so much, and now you're an angel. They're lucky to have you up there<3

  • John Gregory Mattson


  • Boris

    Not to sound like a troll or anything, but doesn’t the timing seem a little too convenient, especially considering that band and other artists have done this kind of thing before, and when taking the bands style in interest, personally it seems too convenient for it to be real

  • Ivy

    If there was a god, Mitch would still be alive.

  • ohsleepaar

    All these God comments like God made him ride the motorcycle. Stfu noob.
    Idk the band but a loss is a loss. Cant say I’ll miss u since i nvr knew u but others that did greatly will. Rip man.

  • Mr.Crowley

    Very sad now i’ll never see one of my fav bands live…

    Mitchell Adam Lucker Was an amazing front man RIP!

  • DahliaFire

    Your influence in the metal community will be felt for many many years to come. I was just rediscovering my love of the band this week, getting amped to see them in Alberta. May god rest your soul Mitch, you were a great musican and I am sure an awesome dude. RIP Mitch!



  • Nancy Dawn Gunnarson

    So Sorry to hear of this, May the Band Members,Loved Ones, Fans find the peace and respect so they may heal from such a Great Loss. My Heart is with you all <3

  • Benjamin Cruz

    no mamen carajos se despide uno de los mas chingones del metalcore el vocalista de SUICIDE SILENCE – R.I.P MITCH LUCKER

    y ahora quien nos va cuidar quien dime quien yo el brujo

  • Glen Benton

    Hate this fucking bubble gum mallcore band. The vocalist was one of the worst vocalists in the history of music. Good fucking riddance.



  • Ted

    What kind of bike was it?

  • X-Fyka

    i’m so sad hear it….
    Rest In Peace Mitch Lucker

  • X-Fyka

    i’m so sad hear it….
    Rest In Peace Mitch Lucker

  • fuck

    i am glad your idol is dead,may he forever rot



    • gay ->


    • RebelliousAngel96

      give the world a favor and kill yourself and rot as well..

    • fuck

      How would you like it if your family member died?? It wouldn’t feel so great would it??? To all the Suicide Silence fans, Mitch was a brother to us. To be honest you should shoot yourself in the face with a 20 gauge shotgun after you cut off both of your legs with a pipe cutter, bitch

  • Matt Atkin

    Way too fucking young. This is why you should stay off of motorcycles kids.

    • Aby

      well anyone can get on a motorcycle, just don´t get on one drunk RIP Mitch Lucker

  • Brutal Zombie

    What a tragedy. I’m glad I got to see them live at least once.

  • Koinonia_92

    Sincerest condolences to his family, his band and his friends.

  • Koinonia_92

    I find it irritating that some people are so crass that they attack others who are grieving over the loss of a human life, regardless of their musical preference and whether or not they like the band. This is precisely why “people” think metal fans are ignorant brutes and the like. All you individuals who are bashing these fans for being upset are an embarrassment to the metal community… I bet some of you acted the same way when Dimbag passed, and he was a true legend in metal music! I’m not a fan of Suicide Silence, nor did I know Mr. Lucker, but I can be respectful of those who did and to his fans. Go ahead and attack me with your words and your computer keyboard. Pure cowardice, plain and simple.


    Let me just say something. The guys who are posting negative things about Mitch, you guys are the ones with no soul. This young man impacted me and my brother since the cleansing in a great way, and many other people, but event though he’s dead, you still have the nuts to go up and INSULT THE GUY?! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! Mitch may have been a signer you may not have liked, but he’s still human. CONSIDER THIS. And Mitch. I hope you find a great place in heaven. RI{P MITCH LUCKER. I’ll miss you man


      I am just so sad. My prayers go to his family and the entire Suicide Silence family as well

  • Jake

    Never a fan of the band or the genre, Always sad to see someone who helped people with their music die. RIP

  • Civilized Person


  • Trolololol

    Scene kid goes drunk riding on his motorycle (must have loved his family amiright?)
    and the world is a better place.

    • Trolololol

      How about you get anally raped by the devil you prostitute ass bitch

  • nihsaf

    Heaven ?

  • AboutDamnTime

    More Scene fags need to ride motorcycles.

    • ghost gamer

      fuck you he’s not scene or emo if he scene he would have spiky hard and creative dye hair color
      and act like he get all the ladies get that through your damn head

    • AboutDamn Time

      Hey fuck you shit pipe, when you die i hope its in a boiling pot of water, i hope it melts your flesh all the was down to the bone, since you most likely like that faggot as rap shit let me translate, fuk u bich, dy en boyling watah git raped bi thi devul hoe

  • Just me

    Mitch Lucker was fucking amazing. Don’t anyone dare insult him he has a wife and 5 year old daughter grieving for him. He had problems but they weren’t him, he was a fathet a husband and a singer, so stfu

  • RebelliousAngel96

    for all you haters talking shit about Mitch…. turn around AND FUCK YOUR OWN FACE…
    That guy you call scene or emo, is a hero unlike your favorite stupid rappers and shit talking about money and bitches, what he sang was the the truth.. so go fuck yourselves.

    • Killa_Luigi

      You are aware that he wasn’t the only one who sang meaningful shit right? Also, that not everyone who talks shit of Mitch listens to rap. Personally, I didn’t like Mitch much and won’t pretend I ever liked him as a person or in the bad now that he has passed, but I’m in the Deathcore, Metalcore, and Grunge scene. Also, I’m aware that at the time of posting this you were very emotional about the subject as many still are, and rightful so hell- I’m still dealing with Cobain’s death, but for Mitch’s sake and respect, speak truth without the bullshit of telling people to go fuck themselves or their faces.