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SUNN O))) To Curate Roadburn Festival 2011

Experimental extreme metal group SUNN O))), the avant-garde outfit featuring Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley, have been selected as the curators of Roadburn Festival 2011, set to take place in Tilburg, The Netherlands from April 14 - April 17. Anderson and O'Malley will curate the festival on Friday, April 15 and will host a special event.

As curator, SUNN O))) will personally select the bands that will play during their special event as well as perform a headline show. The band will be Roadburn’s fourth curator, following David Tibet in 2008, Neurosis in 2009 and Triptykon’s Tom Gabriel Warrior at this year’s festival.

The Roadburn Festival organizers comment: "We are overjoyed to join forces with SUNN O))) for the upcoming Roadburn festival. Their metal-based drone experiments have proved groundbreaking and hugely influential for an entire new generation of musicians practicing the art of avant-garde metal, drone, post rock and psychedelia. SUNN O))) is also widely acclaimed for their eclectic collaborations with everyone from musicians Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Masami Akita (Merzbow), Boris, Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), Justin Broadrick (Godflesh), Oren Ambarchi, Ulver, Joe Preston (Earth, The Melvins), John Wiese, and Julian Cope (The Teardrop Explodes) to filmmaker Jim Jarmusch and visual artist Banks Violette.

"Greg Anderson, who is also Goatsnake’s songsmith and the entrepreneur behind Southern Lord Records, and Stephen O’Malley, a prolific improviser and composer who is well-known for being involved in Burning Witch, KHANATE, KTL and DACM/Gisèle Vienne theatre-works, have performed in different guises during various Roadburn festivals over the years, which is exactly why we felt they would be the ideal curators. Both of them consistently push the envelope musically, and one of our steadfast goals has been to make Roadburn a festival that explores the cutting edge while celebrating the familiar, too. With that in mind, we could think of no better spiritual guide for 2011 than SUNN O))).

"We are truly looking forward to the new ideas and visions that the crossover drone duo will bring to the festival next year. When asked to sum up Roadburn in one word, “progressive” would be a fitting choice. Evolving and improving are part of this. The festival is a tribute to the open mindedness of its bands, curators and audience. The joy comes from expanding musical horizons, and with SUNN O))) acting as our curator we’ll definitely be in for some artistic surprises."

For more information on the Roadburn Festival, head over to their official website.

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