Suspected Police Killer Posted Megadeth Lyrics Hours Before Shooting

justin-borque-canada-shootingA 24-year-old man, Justin Bourque,  allegedly went on a shooting spree yesterday, killing three Canadian police officers while critically wounding two others.

According to an article on the International Business Times, Bourque posted the lyrics to Megadeth’s “Hook in Mouth” shortly before the shooting. The Facebook status is posted below.

Bourque remains on the loose and is said to be “armed and dangerous.”

Officers responding to call at approximately 7:30 p.m. Wednesday were fatally shot by the suspect. Two other officers were transported to Moncton City Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 11.44.05 AM


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  • stephen.r.isaac

    Not like he posted lyrics to Body Count’s “Cop Killer”…

  • Andre Gabriel Esparza

    Wait! Canada is a Gun Free Zone. if the people had thier right to Bear Arms, the Rampage would have ended quicker with less Casualties. Police told the residents “go in the house, lock your doors and hide. Not in my Town, we would have ended that shit quick@

    • Nick Catt

      Another internet tough guy. ‘ If it was me I wudda ………’ Sure tough guy, make up for the short comings in your pants.

      • somebody

        Like you got room to talk chump.

        • canada!!!!!!!!!!!

          Lmao oh an internet tough guy . Look out kuz he is probly america as well so no matter what anyone say and no matter how right everyone is and how wrong you are, you will still always be right kuz your a stupid ignorant american piece of shit. You all think your so fucking tough and smart. I haven’t yet in my life met an nice American worth talking too. Your all pieces of shit…
          Your welcome fellow Canadians.

          • somebody

            Canadians are punk bitches. Like you.

          • Raynard Stevens

            Duh, what a dumb ass . you dont even know your real enemy. America is your neighbor and you better learn to get along with it. your hate is sadly misdirected.

          • somebody

            Bring your punk ass to the states and say that to ANY American and see where you end up!! ICU???? Emergency dental surgery??? Keep talking shit you fucking piece of shit canuck

        • Nick Catt

          You just proved my point bitch. You’re listed as ‘ somebody ‘? No balls to put your real name?

          • somebody

            F U PUNK!

    • Cameron Todd

      We have guns in Canada. 25 percent of families own firearms so odds are a few houses on that street had firearms. I think it just comes down to it that most of us Canadians, either than this 24 year old. dont see using firearms on another living human being as a viable option. We like our guns for hunting, not defence or violence……..

      • Raynard Stevens

        You keep thinking that way, the government loves an ignorant public.

        • Cameron Todd

          Cool Story Bro!

        • RaynardLikesBalls

          You need shooting lessons. What kind of dumbass shoots himself in the head and fails to fucking die?

    • deflatormouse

      you probably would have just gotten shot and bled out. but good luck with the fantasizing.

    • popeluigi .

      Sure thing buddy. Go out and try to confront a guy carrying a fully-auto M4, and a semi-auto shotgun, while he’s on a rampage, and see how that turns out

      • Gman84

        C’mon man anybody with a deer rifle could have taken this guy out from a distance, running and hiding while this guy is killing people is pathetic.

      • C.j. Singleton

        Its a semi auto M14 and it probably only holds 5 rounds because they aren’t able to get standard capacity mags in canada the magazine in it looks like a 20 but they are permanantly blocked to only hold 5. the gun on his back is a shotgun also only holding 5 rounds

    • IDB

      Bear Arms? Raawwrr