Exclusive: Synchronice Premiere Remix of Faith No More’s “Epic”

EDM duo Synchronice are giving away their new remix EP, Just Because, on their newly launched website, Synchronice.net. The EP includes a remix of Faith No More’s classic “Epic.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Brett Ramsey

    It sucks.

    • Kyle

      You suck

      • Brett Ramsey

        I’m glad you feel welcome to share your opinion. Too bad it is a stupid reply. If you happen to like the remix, then by all means, say so. In my opinion, it still sucks.

        • my hat

          If it sucked then nobody would like it. Think about it, then try to make less ignorant comments. “It’s not really relevant to my interests.” would be a much fairer and more accurate response.

          • Brett Ramsey

            Granted, and your point well taken, however, “It sucks” was direct and to the point. Again my opinion only and I didn’t attack the artist. I just happen to dislike their version of a classic song.

  • Jim Gordan

    fuck this is amazing

  • jayofdajungle

    I can’t wait until dubstep goes the way of nu-metal

    • Brett Ramsey

      I agree.

  • Tall cool

    It doesn’t suck but in 2 years time I will not be listening to this, i WILL still be listening to the original.

  • Tall cool

    Maybe the best word is…. POINTLESS

    • Brett Ramsey