Viral Video: 10-Year-Old Girl and Her Little Sister, “Crazy Kate,” Destroy Slayer’s “War Ensemble” on Rocksmith

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.41.20 PMThe family that slays together stays together, and this sister duo undeniably slays. Watch as 10-year-old Audrey shreds the crap out of “War Ensemble” on the Rocksmith video game while her sister Kate goes all Araya on a swim noodle. Below is Audrey’s caption on the original Youtube post:

Audrey (10 years old) plays Guitar – War Ensemble – Slayer on ROCKSMITH2014. I last played this in Jan. I couldn’t pass without X back then but was glad to get a GOLD PICK this time! Also, CRAZY KATE!!!!! She surprised me with her SCREAMSSSS!!!
Thanks for watching!!


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  • Rico Bendimez

    If she learned how to alternate pick she could be 1000x better.

    • Elliott Rudner

      she’s still learning

    • Cabanon

      C’mon dude… she’s 10 years old. How many 10 years old kids do you know rock the fuck out some Slayer on Guitar ?

    • Kirk Tuminaro

      I brought that up to her a few months ago, and lately she IS learning how to alternate pick. She just lapses out of it when things get really hectic in the song. Don’t worry, she’ll get there!! 😀

    • John Ryan

      She’ll learn that when she’s 11.

      • jovertsullano


  • hardrockinmofo

    Rock On, Audrey! Stay Metal! m/

  • Chris Hadrick

    solo is pretty close to Kerry King’s

  • sam

    She is brilliant and prob plays better than all of you.

  • BearerOfHarshWords

    Plot twist: that little girl is really Kerry King in drag.

  • jovertsullano

    joevert sullano
    angganda naman

    • jovertsullano


  • FranRSalazar


  • MaryMTibbs

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  • Watersucks805

    her fingers dont even match up with the notes on screen