The 69 Eyes Premiere New Song, “Red”

Helsinki-based vampiric goth rockers the 69 Eyes will release their 10th studio album, X, on October 9 in North America. In anticipation, the band is premiering new song, “Red,” right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Jtanyton

    OMG` if this is the teaser than I’ll be in pain just waiting
    for the album because its gonna be one AMAZING one!
    “Can’t wait to sink my teeth into their tasty lyrics”<3 😀
    Vampire kisses from:Calif.

  • emina

    So excited, This one I am really looking forward to :)

  • rick

    don’t like it very much

  • Bryan

    Haven’t been this excited about an album in a long time.

  • Snow Paulina

    Lyrics kinda drag on and on, so I’m a bit disappointed since Jyrki was always great poet, but I like music…

    • George Janiashvili

      but from second part repeating has good effect actually, overall it’s great

  • mistikrose

    Love it!

  • Vampiria

    I love it!!! Cant wait for the album…

  • M Hug


  • Lynnh

    Love the song.  So excited for the new album

  • Saiid hellsinki

    very alternative and sound to other band

  • Vusya89

    magically enchanting spirit of the song

  • Beck Hey

    I find this cool! I really Love their song and i can’t say any bad to this.. I’m waiting for this so much and I’m glad i’m gonna get a 69 Eyes album for my b-day again 😀

  • Joe Watson

    What the fuck is this shit?!? They brought out a masterpiece like Back in Blood then release this crap? Epic fail lads.

  • Faniva69

    it keeps pausing and I can’t hear the full song :(

  • Greg McRide

    Unfortunately this is just a usual pop-rock song. Their last album had a lot of varied and unique melodies. I hope their new album will be much more exciting than this song…

  • Jonathan Valo

    (y) buen aporte m/ tnks

  • Mothman

    Its sounds like Entwine and Lacrimas Profundere, I like it

  • Linus Jonsson

    I think it’s really good! Can’t wait for the album! :)

  • Charlene

    Beautiful. Deep, and haunting. I love it.

  • Flo


  • Flo

    Adore this song~Perfection! Soo X-cited to hear the rest of the album. Jyrki never let’s me down in his vocals!

  • Antonio Cid

    Sounds like To Die For…

  • loola

    Love the first half of this song so much, but i lost interest towards the end..still lookin forward to the new Album! Epic Band!

  • Lorea Gallego

    Nice, waiting for the rest of the album… 😉

  • karim

    Not sure guys, doesn’t sound like you! Maybe the rest of the album will be cool 

  • tobi

    This is some deep shit, I’m very happy to hear this song, really looking forward for the rest of the album. Helsinki vampires rock. 

  • lobita

    sound like type O Negative 😀

    • Kweenjen7

      thank you …wanted to someone to say that!!!   miss Peter so much …don’t know if u were a fan but ii was a big one!

  • Amberain

    Breath taking! You guys are always changing but somehow seem to make it better with each change. Awesome job!

  • Anja van der Meulen

    Ofcourse its another GREAT song….. love you guysssssss

  • Derevco

    awesome song! The 69 eyes is still my most fuckin`favorite band!

  • Nuria Linares Fernández

    I fucking love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zyra Noema

    I love it!!!!!

  • Eevi

    En vaan voi lopettaa ton kuuntelemista <3 I love it!!!!

  • DarkGosia

    Unfortunately I don’t like your new style, guys :( Although you’re changing with every new album, which is very interesting and lets everyone to find something for himself/herself, in my opinion your new music style is too american, too much commerce in it :( Ei mitään erikoista siinä, valitettavasti :( ‘Devils’ was your last good album. But I still love you <3 😉 P.S. Sorry for mixing English and Finnish, sometimes I lack of words 😉

  • Santiago García

    auditive orgasm!!!!!

  • Irum Aslam

    great stuff. love it.

  • Spadsspam

    Thanks for going back to a kind of “old style”!!! Think this great fucking shit fits you better!!!

  • Daniel Von Grotesque

    Amazing, as always

  • Andy_blantonchgb

    Un fucking believable! Ladies and gents The kings of Goth are back in the kingdom!!

  • Justin MCclanahan

    Amazing like all the rest of their albums.One thing that makes the 69Eyes a great band is they haven’t sold out

  • Justin MCclanahan

    The 69 Eyes keep putting out amazing albums that are amazing they are back and better than ever

  • Linda Oliver

    nothing broken here!!!  great song from a great band!!!!!

  • Nwhite1988

    Love it. Cant wait for the album. Still my fav band

  • Junior

    is perfect, very good anyway as I’m sure will be the tenth album ‘X’

  • Witchsbrew269

    Good tune not as ruff and vampy as their other stuff. Different, but still good.

  • Scwills

    love it!

  • Lynette L. Kane

    I love it……I so can’t wait to buy it and the new cd, Good Job Eyes!!!

  • Michylove


  • Julie Kimbrell

    I’m beyond elated!  I can’t wait for the full album!  It’s made my entire year to have more great music from The 69 Eyes! <3

  • BlueMidnight

    My goth’n’roll Helsinki Vampires! Oh, how I have missed you. Welcome back.

  • Tharrison681

    It’s amazing, I have a different reaction every time I listen to it

  • Josheldon


  • Cincat

    <3 this! 

  • carla

    I love the new song. Can’t wait to see them again. Best wishes with The new album.

  • Rosa Mata

    love it!!!

  • Rosa Mata

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fender925

    Perfection !!

  • Aleksi

    IHAN HELVETIN HYVÄ!! tää tuleeki repittinä nii kaua ku koko levy o hommattu!

  • Prince El-ahrairah Casper Five

    goth’n’roll lives 

  • Eric666

    Music is BACK!!!

  • The69Eyes♥

    rakastuin♥ tätä on odotettu! musiikki teki comebackin ;)♥

  • Noloween

    I love this band,i love this song……………..

  • Heth896s

    Bellissima (from Italy).

  • Cendetfred

    I love it. Give us more !!!!


    I really LOVE this song♥ Very Beautiful… looking forword the album X….

  •łowiński/100000393426188 Adam Słowiński


  • morgan m

    Sounds like they turned down the glam rock for a change. Not bad.

  • Minni

    Helsinki Vampires really bite you ^V^

  • Jerikala

    Wow, very romatic. This song is blowing me away. Great song! 

  • Elizabeth Cadavid

    Huge step up from that last album~ I’m so excited over this!

  • Purplexparadise

    Its perfect! 
    ♥ So fucking perfect!!

  • Lillith

    Sounds like the soundtrack to a bond movie. Boring and middle aged.

  • Shelly

    I LIKE the Music =)
    But.. honestly, I expected BETTER lyrics =(

  • Akasha Erzsebeth

    They always makes me feel they know how i am them!!! Long life to helsinki vampires!!

  • Glamboy

    Actually it does sound like a bond anthem, should use it on skyfall! Hope there is still some ROCK songs on the album, I miss their heavy stuff, like wrap ur troubles in dreams, not a fan of the dull goth pop albums!

  • Daniel

    I love this song so much already I hope it’s as good as there last album if not better

  • fra

    …they must have been listenin’ so long to depeche mode without reading the lyrics…sounds quite good but the words…I mean…so stupid as usual…

  • Rocker#1

    This is fantastic! To all the negative comments: A. This is called a “ballad”, can you say that kids? B. Its only one song but could feasibly have come off the last album, Back In Blood, which I thought was an incredible piece of music and extremely well done. C. The lyrics are simplistic, but they speak to you, you don’t need heavy or high minded language to describe when something is “broken” now do you? All in all I cannot wait for this!

  • Linda Oliver

    Love this song! Sharing with all my friends<3<3<3

  • Wickitrocker

    The new sound is awesome!

  • Urotsukidoji

    first day purchase

  • RiotAct666


  • 96 forever

    I fucking love it!!!!!<3<3<3<3

  • Juice

    sends shives up my spine everytime i hear it. brilliant. cant wait to hear the rest of the album

  • CiNNa

    I haven’t. There is red…. it’s NEVER too late until we no longer breathe