The Best Music Videos of 2011

Sure, music videos aren’t what they used to be since MTV all but dropped the “M.” But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still bands who give a serious shit about the clips they produce to accompany their songs. 2011 had its share of badass music videos–here are our picks for the 10 best. And if you don’t like our ranking, tell us which video is your favorite in our poll here.

10. Opeth, “The Devil’s Orchard”
The Swedish prog lords have long been regarded as true artists within their field, and in the gorgeous clip, they have the imagery to match their music.

09. Falling in Reverse, “I’m Not a Vampire”
Frontman Ronnie Radke’s struggles with addiction are well documented; here, he shows a winning willingness to laugh at himself, turning his issues with drugs into a hilarious spoof of Celebrity Rehab.

08. Suicide Silence, “You Only Live Once”
What do you get when your band rocks out right in the “range” part of a shooting range? Bloody awesomeness.

07. Asking Alexandria, “To the Stage”
These Brit metalcore maniacs live up to their party-hard image with this debauched, Trainspotting-esque clip, which ends with a twisted surprise cliff-hanger of a climax that suggests that maybe they understand that following in the footsteps of the Cr√ľe ain’t all fun and games, after all.

06. Foo Fighters, “White Limo”
When your limo driver is motherfucking Lemmy Kilmister, you know you’re in for a bumpy ride–and in the best way possible.

05. Behemoth, “Lucifer”
As if overcoming leukemia weren’t epic enough, Behemoth main man Nergal then led his band to make this irresistibly lurid and disturbing video for the 8-minute closer to 2009 album, Evangelion. Warning: NSFW.

04. Mastodon, “Deathbound”
In this video, for a previously unreleased track from the Crack the Skye sessions, the Atlantan prog-metal mad men spoof Mister Roger’s Neighborhood to horns-throwing results. It doesn’t hurt, too, that the song is one of their heaviest in years.

03. Puscifer, “Man Overboard”
Tool’s music video are legendary, of course, and with this clip from his side band Puscifer, frontman Maynard James Keenan delivered surreal visuals worthy of his main outfit.

02. Rammstein, “Mein Land”
When not setting themselves on fire onstage, Rammstein consistently deliver some of the best music videos around, whether baring their bratwurst or not, and they did not disappoint this year with this brilliantly ridiculous retro surfing clip. Who said Germans don’t have a sense of humor?

01. Skrillex, “First of the Year (Equinox)”
Sure, haters will argue that–new Korn album aside–dubstep ain’t “rock,” but there’s no denying that this song’s glitchy breakdowns are heavy as all hell. Or that this video itself is metal as fuck. No wonder Beavis and Butt Head gave it a view–to add to its 23 million on YouTube. In the words of Beavis, “Whoa, that’s cool.”

Vote for your favorite video on this list in our poll here.


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  • Chelsea Smile Cuts

    I was like “behemoth “right away then when I saw Skrillex I was like “aw fuck” both amazing ‚ô•

  • Wpc1996

    falling in reverse, asking alexandria, suicide silence or skrillex one of those

  • Gingermuse

    love the puscifer..Man Overboard the others love the art in their vidoes…\;/

  • Randy Marsh

    since when was skrillex or dub step to that matter considered metal

    • Ben

      Since when was Puscifer?  Hey, psst, buddy, your bias is showing.

  • Gelmar Caday

    falling in reverse 

  • Talia

    I was surprised by Skrillex even making the list, until I watched the video. ¬†So sick. ¬†And I’m super stoked Mastodon made it too!!!

  • herzeleid

    i want to go to a rammstein beach party…oh wait i am in april

  • Ren√© Kunert

    I am in awe of Maynard’s work.¬† All of it.¬† And this video is no exception.
    But I do have to admit… I am not one for dubstep at all, but Skrillex’s video is also worthy of the recognition.

  • Batista_night16

    Asking Alexandria I love you, but Rammstein takes it on this one because they showed some tits in their video :)

  • Tomi

    oooo OMG!!! Asking Alexandriaaaa <3. Suicide Silence, Falling IN Reverse, Skrillexxx!!! mannn, these are fucked up!!! they are the best ever!

  • Cory

    With a couple exceptions, these are all terrible bands. And Skrillex isn’t even music. Revolver, you disappoint me.

  • Fgdragoneye1

    Puscifer beats all these other fags by a longshot. Asking Alexandria is Scremo! that shit belongs in an MTV magazine

  • Anthony Lambis

    sleepwalker by pwd? or karma by pwd!! i mean ya the start is a little boring but they fucking surf and body board while shredding!!! you cant say that aint awesome!

    • Annie Philippe

      Parkway Drive has the most terrible video ever! Even if its my favorite band ..

  • Ludy Sang Gitaris

    Suicide Silence I Like It

  • Krisann Robles

    I have to say I love the new James Durbin Love Me Bad video. Come on FLAMING DRUMSTICKS?!  AWESOME!

  • Julien816

    Saw Puscifer Live. a-fucking-mazing

  • An4Lu1c3

    Lullaby of the crucified?

  • Beto Metal Megadeth

    mein land is my favorite

  • Anonymous

    Lucifer-behemoth m/  fuckin love it!

  • Bruno H√©bert-Brassard

    Skrillex??? Skrillex?? Skrillex?? Best music video?? Revolver is metal or dubstep??? What THE FUCK??

  • Danihael


  • Asfasfaqwrwe

    Rammstein – Mein Land definitely

  • Bruno H√©bert-Brassard

    Performance video for Award of best music video? no.
    Dubstep ? No.
    Deathbound and Behemoth’s video are really nice
    To the stage is good but… not valuable enough for best music video award
    Does devil orchard was an official video?
    Vampire thing… Just already saw that concept a million time ¬†@¬†green Day
    So i think Deathbound will win it’s original. ¬†

  • Mrs.Guest

    FIR!~ Woot!

  • @MarkUnderwater

    fuckkkkk yeeeah FIR RULES!

  • Clarisa Kuzma

    falling in reverse- i’m not a vampire

  • Bfmv Bullets

    falling in reverse-i’m not a vampire

  • AndresSS

    You Only Live Once- Suicide Silence!

    This is power!

  • Khai Fox

    skrillex – first of the year. clearly the most badass video of all time

    • Dylan Sara


  • Ahriman

    Curl of the Burl was a much better video than Deathbound

  • Undeadpride

    “To The Stage”- Asking Alexandria

    But Skrillex’s video is awesome just as well. ^

  • Devilslittlesister

    all crap. where’s “locust” by machine head?

  • Radke4Life

    your face is garbage

  • no one

    deftones – you’ve seen the butcher is the best of 2011 if you ask me.

  • Sweetpandalove

    the fact that Alestorm – Shipwrecked isnt’ in here makes this entire list invalid.

  • Jmailwtf

    The Skrillix video is probably one of the most bad ass music videos I’ve ever seen, but it’s such a diabolically shitty song. Leave the chipmunk voices out of music please…

  • Isaortiz92

    Falling in Reverse without a doubt! ily RONNIE! <3

  • nio9

    i like dubstep and metal

    • Lizardman LegendaryMode


  • Leonardo Bautista

    IN Waves- Trivuim

  • Eagle2679

    skrillex was awsome it was to the point suicide silence is great too.

  • Bomtwo

    why the fuck is skrillex on this list?  Revolver is supposed to be a rock and metal magazine.  not some dubstep bullshit magazine.  oh nevermind.  he was part of that terrible Korn album you guys promoted so much.  fuck revolver.

  • Terry O`Toole

    no motionless in white really!

  • Jez

    That Skrillex video was awesome didnt think much of the music, but as far as a video goes it was the business. Reminded me of Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy (still one of the coolest music vids of all time imo)

  • WhiteSlumber_13

    can u include Alesana’s new MV, LULLABY OF THE CRUCIFIED

  • MishaCore

    Where “Amongst Carrion – We That Should Not Be”?

  • om


  • Jhay Fernandez

    m/ ….!!!

  • Misael94

    Where is lullaby of the crucified?

  • Jojopmiller1

    falling in reverse all the way! (:

  • Dexter james jarana


    falling in reverse, suicide silence,asking alexandria, & skrillex

    What the………..????????????????????????………………????????????

  • Hllqny

    where is the SO FAR AWAY??

  • Lula

    Wow Falling In reverse , asking alexandria , skrillex , suicide silence . . perfect !

  • KillJoysss

    Falling in Reverse! Ronnie <3

  • Heatpete


  • Lala

    Falling in Reverse !!

  • Ricardo Maggot

    Vicarious – Tool ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ‘hehehe

  • Dafne Gurrola Franco

    Falling in reverse!!

  • Simen Steinnes Nilsen

    FAlling IN REVERSE

  • Someone

    Falling in Reverse

  • Someone

    Falling in Reverse

  • Ashley Sykse Radke

    opeth,suicide silence, skrillex, falling in reverse phuck yah

  • Ashley Sykse Radke

    opeth,suicide silence, skrillex, falling in reverse phuck yah

  • Kaitlin Karaffa

    Falling in Reverse <3

  • Kaitlin Karaffa

    Falling in Reverse <3

  • JasmineXD

    Falling in Reverse <3333

  • Ajasmith49

    Dude I’m torn…….Foo fighters, Asking Alexandria, Falling In Reverse, and Skrillex….that hard.

  • Ajasmith49

    Dude I’m torn…….Foo fighters, Asking Alexandria, Falling In Reverse, and Skrillex….that hard.


    you put skrillex at number one??? dude your a fuckin pussy you can say that that synthetic shit is heavy but fuck you

  • Jeddyrathybone

    FALLING IN REVERSE!!!! etf can go fuck em selves. Ronnie I fucking love you!<3

  • Jessica

    Falling in reverse-I’m not a vampire! <3

  • Kyra

    Falling in Reverse<3

  • Vikki Sin

    Who dropped the ball on both Motionless in White videos???? and even ETF’s Gorgeous Nightmare? Yay for FIR though

  • Justalittle

    Falling in Reveres best eva!!!! Also like Asking Alexandria!!!!!

  • William Salazar

    fallling in reverse-im not a vampire and sucicde silence- you only live once should be number 1 and 2

  • William Salazar

    fallling in reverse-im not a vampire and sucicde silence- you only live once should be number 1 and 2

  • britney valdez

    Falling In Reverse- I’m Not A Vampire <3 <3

  • Guest

    Fallining reverse

  • Yusviel

    falling in reverse

  • nich de guzman

    -` failing in reverse   <3

  • Wheejake

    Skrillex’ video is pretty tight.

  • Hali Burris

    falling in reverse is the shitttt !

  • Pongjun Janjam

    Falling In Reverse

  • Thor

    Falling in Reverse 

  • Nakoweb

    SKRILLEX!!!!!!…..i think i saw that video like a million times…regards from Argenina!

  • Poseur

    Falling In Reverse

  • Lilgurlrock

    falling in reverse

  • George1366

    falllliingg in reverse =]

  • Krisochoa

    falling in reverse

  • Ass Soul

    actually the movie HardCandy was way better and well this is about firestarter fucked with what actually FREEWAY pullleeeaze like this even was actually what a sickass tired joke or maybe this is somehow being facetious in a bizarre korn really lets rip of tool and bend over for the promos and the fucking dumbs dreadlocks ¬† bakersfield….oildale probably

  • Angie


  • Guardiandevil3

    ya the skrillex videos kool ive watched it a few times but dubsteps dance music i dont like it

  • Corywest126

    Falling In Reverse? Crap!

  • Tecido Humano

    nice list but skrillex nr1? noooooooooooo!!!

  • Dragonflyby

    Where’s Black Veil Brides? How does FiR get on the list and not BVB? I mean, FiR’s was certainly a good video, but BVB had some kick ass music videos in 2011, as well as now.