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The Best Music Videos of 2013

The Best Music Videos of 2013

Sure, music videos aren’t what they used to be since MTV all but dropped the “M.” But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still bands who give a serious shit about the clips they produce to accompany their songs. 2013 had its share of badass music videos–here are our picks for the 10 best. And if you don’t like our selections, tell us which video is your favorite in our poll right here.



10. Rob Zombie, "Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown"
We don't always understand what's going on inside Rob Zombie's brain. And while we don't necessarily "get" this clip for the song off Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, the chickens, "astronauts," break-dancing skeletons, and the rest are enough to convince us that it's awesome.

9. High on Fire, "Slave the Hive"
Going to the doctor with High on Fire frontman Matt Pike seems like a horrible idea--and it turns out, that is in fact the case, as this video for the single "Slave the Hive" proves.

8. The Dillinger Escape Plan, "One Of Us Is the Killer"
The video for the title track off The Dillinger Escape Plan's latest release just has something downright disturbing about it, and the realistic organs and arrows stuck in bodies are just the tip of the iceberg.

7. Ghost B.C., "Year Zero"
Swedish occult rockers Ghost B.C. participate in a NSFW dinner-party ritual in this clip for Infestisssumam's "Year Zero"--and yet we still don't really know who Papa Emeritus II really is.

6. Queens of the Stone Age, "I Appear Missing"
Queens of the Stone Age released a slew of animated videos leading up to the release of ...Like Clockwork. In this one for "I Appear Missing," a damaged and possible dead body wanders the earth only to die again.

5. Protest the Hero, "Clarity"
These prog-rockers settle an age-old nerd question in a video for the track "Clarity" off Volition: Star Wars or Star Trek?

4. Huntress, "Zenith"
In this clip directed by Phil Mucci (some of his videos made our 2012 list, too), the heavy-metal crew led by frontwoman Jill Janus take us through their trippy, doomy witchcraft in a song off Starbound Beast.

3. Kvelertak, "Månelyst"
These Norwegian rockers pay homage to pretty much every horror movie in a really silly yet totally badass way in this video for "Månelyst" off Meir.

2. Red Fang, "Blood Like Cream"
Red Fang are known for their hilarious music videos and this one, for "Blood Like Cream" off Whales and Leeches, follows suit. While having a cameo from Portlandia's Fred Armisen is pretty awesome, what's totally terrifying about this clip are the zombies because they're not just any kind of zombies--they are the kind that want to drink all of the beer.

1. Behemoth, "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"
The record, The Satanist, from which this song comes, won't be released until February, but that didn't stop Behemoth from pulling out all the stops for this clip. Indeed, they pretty much manage to do all that is metal in one music video. Not only is it shot in black and white, but it has a wolf, a sacrifice, blood, naked women, a Satanic drum circle, and only the Dark Lord knows what else.

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