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Review: The HAARP Machine - Disclosure

Review: The HAARP Machine - Disclosure

Named after a secretive U.S. military research program, this Sumerian-signed band packs a political message into its Meshuggah-esque sound. But these themes are overshadowed by the music--complex riffs, odd meters, and even sitar interludes make for a lively 34 minutes on the UK progressive metal quartet's debut album. The record’s best moments are usually its most unabashedly metallic, like on “From Vanity to Utility.” Another standout is the album’s closing track, “Machine Over,” which features an epic outro guitar solo. Sitars and echoed clean signing layered over distorted guitars give some tracks a psychedelic texture, but such esoteric flairs often detract from well-written riffs. Fans of progressive metal and “Sumerian-core” will enjoy this diverse, if imperfect, debut record. DAVID McKENNA

Check out "Pleiadian Keys" off Disclosure below:

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