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The Human Abstract's Dean Herrera Picks His Six Most Metal Video Game Franchises

The Human Abstract's Dean Herrera Picks His Six Most Metal Video Game Franchises

Nothing kills time on the tour bus quite like sitting down in front of a TV screen and going to town killing zombies, defeating bosses or completing quests. Given the ever-more-brutal content of today's games and the increasingly epic gameplay of masterpieces like The Elder Scrolls franchise, it's a no-brainer that metal and video games are a match made in heaven.

To give us the lowdown on the most metal video games out there, we tapped Human Abstract guitarist and self-professed video-game junky Dean Herrera to give us his picks for the most metal video-game franchises (console) of all time. You can check out his full list of picks below, in no particular order.

The Human Abstract released their latest album, Digital Veil, last March on E1 Music. For more from Dean and his bandmates, check them out on Facebook and be sure to follow them on Twitter.

Halo Franchise

"If Halo were a metal band, it would most certainly be power metal. Much like power metal, Halo has plenty of flash to take your attention away from the underlying story. For the most part, I think it's safe to say that Halo players are not in it for the story; they're in it for the challenge and fun of the multiplayer. Likewise, I suspect most power metal fans are in it for the flashy musicianship and the overall triumphantly fun vibes that are sure to be present."

Assassin's Creed Franchise

"Much to the chagrin of those who hate the term, I have to say Assassin's Creed is totally metalcore. Much like metalcore, the unending battle between the Templars and the Assassin provides a balanced game that has a little bit of everything. Honor, tragedy, triumph, love, sacrifice, brutality, betrayal, stealth — proven devices of an entertaining story — are found throughout Assassin's Creed. Likewise, most musical techniques found in metal can be found throughout the metalcore genre. But perhaps the most common thread between these two may be that I can only stand to play either one for so long before it's time to move on."

Silent Hill Franchise

"Is there any game out there more capable of inducing heart attacks? Is there any game more capable of creating such a dark and disturbing atmosphere? Silent Hill is definitely doom metal's counterpart. It's the sort of game you have to be mentally prepared to play. Doom metal's themes of dread, anger, fear and grief rear their ugly heads at every corner in Silent Hill. Nothing elicits those feelings more than being left in an alternate dimension consisting of eerie, blook-soaked walls with no more than a dim flashlight and white noise radio to guide your way. And if that isn't bad enough, you're left to deal with an indestructible, hideously disturbing butcher with a pyramid for a head, whose random, impending presence is tipped off to the player by the sound of his gargantuan blade being drug across the ground."

Resident Evil Franchise

"Although similar in vibe to Silent Hill, I would rather place Resident Evil in the death metal category. This determination shouldn't be surprising considering that the main antagonists in the game are the walking dead. Although close in subject matter to doom metal, death metal has traditionally been denser in instrumentation and a tad lighter in overall vibe. Likewise, in Resident Evil, the sense of fear and dread are ever present, but not on the level of Silent Hill. There are also many more weapons, ammunition and a generally more upbeat rhythm to Resident Evil. Both are somehow terrifying and amazing and the choice of which to play really depends on your flavor."

Metal Gear Franchise

"Who is more metal than Solid Snake? The Metal Gear franchise is definitely akin to progressive/tech metal bands. Metal Gear, much like progressive/tech metal, has a meticulously crafted story line that leads the player through many twists and turns. It also requires careful planning and execution. It's not a game anyone can pick up, plow through and still get the same level of enjoyment. Much like my favorite bands in this category, it takes time to fully appreciate everything that is going on."

Doom Franchise

"I know, I know, this was originally a computer game, and that's breaking the rules of this list, but it was eventually ported to consoles so I am OK with listing it here. To me, no game represents thrash metal more than Doom. Although not the first first-person-shooter, Doom was the first FPS to gain widespread acclaim. It not only created a standard for FPS games, it also pushed the entire video game industry forward. When it first came out, Doom blew people away, and even today continues to endure among many gamers. Similarly, thrash metal was not the first form of metal, but it was certainly the most important, most commercially successful, most enduring and most responsible for pushing metal into households around the world. I mean c,'mon, killing hellish created on the surface of Mars is preeeetty metal.

"What games do you think are the most metal?

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