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The Living Infinite: 10 Questions with Dirk Verbeuren of Soilwork

By Natalie Perez

We recently caught up with drummer Dirk Verbeuren of Swedish death metal band Soilwork to drill him about the band's latest album, The Living Infinite, their current US tour, their roots, influences and more.

The Living Infinite — the band's ninth studio album and first double disc — was released in February by Nuclear Blast. It features 30 tracks, many of which are getting plenty of exposure on the band's current run of tour dates.

For more about Soilwork, check out their official website and Facebook page.

01. First of all, how did Soilwork come up with its name?

From what I know, it was a word one of the guys invented. It means "working from the ground up." We've always been a hard-working band, so it's pretty fitting.

02. What lyrical themes do you stick to in your music? What messages do you want to send?

The lyrics are inspired by personal experiences, but they also have a strong connection to the ocean. There are a lot of positive messages in the music, even with the dark themes. We have a solid line of lyrics on this record, so really anyone can relate to them.

03. What bands have influenced Soilwork's sound?

There are so many. I think when we formed, it began with At The Gates and In Flames. But we now listen to everything — Napalm Death, Nine Inch Nails, etc. Everything comes in different ways. We all had contributed different material with this album, so we're all open to bringing that material, just letting it flow as it comes.

04. How would you describe the overall sound of The Living Infinite?

I'd say it has a lot of different elements in it, but it's more like our older material. We also have some songs starting differently this time. We really just went with it, writing something and seeing where it would take us. We have a strong identity in what we play, so it keeps that Soilwork touch. Having a strong melodic metal style is the best way to describe it. It's a great album that we're super-proud of.

05. It's been a while since you guys have toured as headliners. How does it feel to have the spotlight again?

Well, it's awesome being out on the road in the US. We worked a lot throughout the years, and it's good to be back. We can play a fairly long set, changing it up a lot. But it's good to be back on the road.

06. What are your favorite aspects of touring in the US?

Meeting the fans eye to eye, feeling the music — those are the good moments that come together. It's where all of your hard work pays off, showing that whole experience when you're touring.

07. What have you done to prepare yourselves for the tour?

We rehearsed for about a week preparing the new material and playing other stuff from over the years. We wanted to add material that we may have never played before, mixing things in, but it all came together. I think it's going good for us. We're really excited about it.

08. You guys have toured a lot over the years, but where haven't you been?

We've never been to South America. We will be going to Mexico City, China and India. Hopefully we will get to those places on this touring cycle.

09. What can the fans expect from Soilwork in the future?

Just playing the new material, getting the new ideas out there and playing shows. That's what we're really focusing on — getting everything stepped up.

10. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Go to our website to check us out if you don't know who we are. Go check out the new album. We look forward to seeing you guys on the road!

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