Melvins Premiere New Song “We Are Doomed”

Noisy hard rockers the Melvins have been busy lately. Not only are they releasing a new album as a three-piece (under the name Melvins Lite) titled Freak Puke in June, but their standard quartet lineup is putting out an EP, Scion A/V Presents: The Bulls & the Bees, which will be downloadable for free on March 13 on You can get a taste of that release below with the premiere of the song, “We Are Doomed.”

Of the song, vocalist-guitarist Buzz Osborne says, “The title of the song  “We are Doomed” pretty much says it all… Cool and classy!”

Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Photo by Jessi Rose


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  • Victor Vicart


  • spicyiguana


  • Satan

    Too freakin’ awesome. Good stuff.

  • HAze XXL

    These guys suck ass.

    • Hazexxlbuttplug4life.

      so instead of everyone thinking your “cool” cause of your “insightful” comment we all just think your an idiot for wasting your time on this page :) cheers ass-sucker.

  • Demonologists

    fuck yes! amazing as always!

  • Porridgemaster1

    One of the greatest bands of all time. Unique, powerful, super cool. Melvins forever!

  • mik_mind inside kaos

    Great as always!

  • Ian Gustafson

    Great song!

  • Steve

    Hell Yeah, I’m excited to hear the rest of the album!!!!

  • Mgmartin

    awesomeeeeee amigos!

  • Kevin Price

    The Melvins w/ Big Business aren’t the same group as the Melvins.  Not a fan of the collaboration after “(A) Senile Animal”.  There are parts of this that I like but it just doesn’t feel like the Melvins anymore.  

    • Some guy

      It may not “feel” like it, but guess what, it’s the Melvins. They’ve never called this a collaboration, they’ve been together for six years now, and all three albums they’ve released with this line up have been under the name “Melvins” not “Melvins/Big Business” or “Melvins featuring Big Business” or whatever. You may not like it, and that’s fine, but it’s still the Melvins no matter what.

  • Derpdidlyderp

    Only the biggest, juiciest, most perfect ass! Fame to Buzzo now!

  • Jason Arthur Walter


  • Lynnhiggins31

    melvins come back to nashville please…yall rock

  • andy vomit


  • Tunezgl

    it’s iet.  Not to exciting with out Jello.

  • hortha71

    I’ve loved the Melvins since I first saw them in 1989.  I don’t like a lot of the newer (post Stoner Witch era) material I’ve heard, but I do like what I’ve heard from the Big Business collaboration!

    • fatoomsh

      you didn’t like “the bride screamed murder”?????

  • Joshua Brewer

    yeah, this is working. The Melvins are consistent badassery

  • Hellzak

    I love fat old men.  They rock the party.

  • fatoomsh

    num num num…………………….mind like a sender do ree!!!!

  • SKELD99

    Good stuff man. I had a hard time with the two drummer thing (just because Dale is just fine on his own) but, as a musician you grow and expand/change. The Melvins will always be The Melvins no matter what they do and the sooner the nay-sayers figure that out the better…and Jello was never an actual member of the Melvins…it was just another project like hundreds of others they have done. Brush up on your history and you will find a lot of great music they have been a part of. Cheers and keep the wax pressing.

  • Melvinsloud

    Oh so pretty…melvins are superior.

  • Deanna Knapp

    They are not the same MELVINS from back in the day. Once Kevin left it was over but with time I have learned to love (the) Melvins with Big Business. And thus, yes, I think they were and still are badassery as well. Its really all still just Buzz and Dale. 

  • Ickybob666

    Been a fan since 1987. Buzz, Dale & Company are always evolving, exploring and becoming something new -the hallmark of great artists. 

  • Codycoyote1

    LOVE IT, Melvins always fuck my ear pussy guud 😉

  • Michael Sletten

    Love it! So cool that they are basicly giving this away on the 13th. I would have purchased it but this is a nice gesture from a killer band that can still deliver, BIG TIME!!

  • Morricone2000

    *drip drip* there goez an eargazm.

  • 666blast

    who cares what pips here like or don’t? the melvins are the best band in the world. that’s success to me. love you and everything you did and ever will. even Prick…

  • dotdot

    melvins are true to themselves and they’re fans. always have kicked ass and always will….

  • Zed-ex

    More of the good stuff 😀

  • Raoul Duke

    Superb Sirs!!!

  • Kinkeeminkee

    Melvins deliver. Love the drumsound.

  • Drew Silverman

    Damn, this band delivers every damn time

  • Jed Mayer

    huge melvins fan here.  i really dig the four piece.  two drummers is just redonkulous.  if you haven’t seen it live you owe it to yourself to check it out to see how it all really plays out.  i didn’t think the stoner witch material could sound better then it did when i saw that tour, but jared and cody were such a great breath of air.  the melvins continue to be a vital and insanely prolific band.  keep it coming guys.

  • Polycorn

    I think this is their best song since Dog Island. Didn’t care for BSM much. I also would like to see what effect having someone other than Toshi behind the board would have.  Melvins live is where it’s at.

  • Evchurch

    sorry kid, that’s not my type of music, they repeat the same bars over and over, no life to it.

  • SKELD99

    First of all: Buzzo told them that they want them to join the band w/ the promise not to quit Big Business…so, they are the Melvins. My god people…how about knowing what the hell you are talking about before your mouth throws-up. Been a fan since 88’…you either love you music or you are a consumer!

  • oldschoolblu

    Buzz is one ugly motherfucker! hahah

  • Devlinerica

    Can’t wait to see them live again, new song sounds great, of course!

  • Jeremy white Buzz

    A huevoo..!!! pinches Melvins siempre fieles a su poder..!!