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The Most Metal Moments in the Second Episode of Californication

The Most Metal Moments in the Second Episode of <em>Californication</em>

"Do they let you masturbate here?" Californication's archetypally sleazy agent Charlie Runkle asks, unprovoked, about a swank, tropical rehab clinic early in "Quitters," the second episode of the season. It's the sort of cheeky, unfiltered repartee that he and David Duchovny's lovably unlovable antihero, author Hank Moody, bandy back and forth without batting an eye. But more than that it's the sort of double-take moment that keeps viewers curious about what other societal mores the characters can trample in a plot-building episode. Although "Quitters" wasn't the most action-packed Californication episode ever, it offered a few hilarious moments, as well as a few metal ones, to boot as it introduced a groupie muse character played by Maggie Grace of Taken and Lost fame and gave it us a glimpse at how rock stars might live. Check out the highlights below.

Faith, Faith, Faith

After making a complete ass of himself at a rehab group meeting, one of Moody's fellow patients lambasts him for not taking his alcoholism seriously. She turns out to be Faith, who later very plainly explains her profession to Moody by saying: "If you must know, I traverse the globe in the company of musicians." When Moody protests that she's a groupie, he clarifies by saying she prefers the term "muse." "Sure, who wouldn't?" Moody asks. "That's nice work if you can get it." While it's not totally clear yet whether Faith is cut from the same swath as the likes of proud groupie Pamela Des Barres, the Hollywood idealized groupie Kate Hudson played in Almost Famous, or Last Living Slüt author Roxana Shirazi remains to be seen. Later she asks Moody, "I only fall for extraordinary men. Would you say you're extraordinary?" To which he responds, "Fuck if I know." He answers that, for better or worse, later in the episode by producing some weed, which he and Faith smoke using rolled-up pages from the Bible.

That thing with the "snorkel"

Movie producer Stu Beggs, played by a man who appeared in both Memento and Groundhog Day, Stephen Tobolowsky, made his return in "Quitters" after he blew it (poor choice of words) last season by ruining his relationship with Runkle's ex, Marcy, after engaging in some oral adultery. He tries to win back her affections by taking her dildo and using it as a snorkel. The gif explains itself.

Cribs, Turned Up to 11

Spoilers ahead. While stoned, Moody's baby-mama Karen (Natascha McElhone), goes on a job interview at a swank mansion. The woman looking to hire her, played by sometime 24 actress Sarah Wynter, is married to Atticus Fetch, the rock star introduced in the season premiere, which gives a glimpse into just how big of a rock star Fetch is supposed to be. The house's big room is flanked with colorful paintings of Fetch, including one where he's holding a Flying V, as well as two full Marshall stacks. The rest of the "environmentally correct" abode features Grecian statues, a taxidermy wolf, gold or platinum records, a piano, drums and a gallery of guitars, ranging from a double-neck SG to a Gibson Explorer. All Karen has to do to keep the job is, according to Mrs. Fetch, "Don't fuck my husband."


Finally, just because it's awesome, here's a shot of Joey Lawrence (yes, that Joey Lawrence) looking sullen in Moody's support group, after he recalled injecting drugs into his taint.

All production stills by Jordin Althaus/SHOWTIME

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