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The Ongoing Concept List Five Ways to Survive Being in a Band with Three Brothers

The Ongoing Concept List Five Ways to Survive Being in a Band with Three Brothers

Idaho progressive metalcore act The Ongoing Concept are literally a band of brothers. The three siblings and childhood friend have learned to live, play, and tour with each other--which can get quite tense at times.

"Well, being in a band for as long as we have, we've really learned what annoys one another--what makes each other tick, I guess," bassist and non-blood brother TJ Nichols says. "We all have our buttons and we know how to push them. That being said, surviving with three brothers who know every bit about each other’s lives can be difficult." So with that, Revolver asked the crew how to survive being in a band with relatives.

The band's debut album, Saloon, drops on August 20 via Solid State Records. Check out their latest video, "Cover Girl," at the bottom of this post.

Rule 1: "Taking a back seat to pointless arguments is a must!" says Nichols. "I've learned that the hard way. Just let them do their thing and it'll be over soon. If you get in between a heated argument, you become the target! It’s not all bad by any means, though. I love all these guys like blood. They're some of my best friends."

Rule 2: "Another thing I would say that is essential to the balance of the band is the relationship I have with each of them," says Nichols. "Like Dawson, he's at level 9 on intensity for the most part which is what makes this band work, but how we interact with each other is totally different than, say, how me and Parker or how Kyle and I act together. It's just the way we are a band of brothers. And honestly, I love the fact that we're a 'band of brothers.' I know where all of these guys’ hearts are at and with three unrelated strangers it just wouldn't be the same."

Rule 3: Drummer Parker Scholz says, "I deal with my two other brothers by eating junk food and sleeping in the back all day. I'm the youngest in the band, so I find it easier to just trust my brothers on most things."

Rule 4: Vocalist-keyboardist Kyle Scholz says, "Parker's anti-jokes. His jokes are the best diffuser for when situations get a little heated. No matter how frustrated we may be, he knows how to lighten the mood."

Rule 5: Guitarist Dawson Scholz says, "I think trust is extremely important. Being the oldest, it's really tough for me to trust my brothers. I feel I need to always be keeping an eye on them. When I become to controlling, they get irritated, so I've found trusting them and letting them do their thing is key to keep everyone from wanting to punch each other in the face."

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