The Pretty Reckless Frontwoman Taylor Momsen on Her Favorite Song by Mötley Crüe

To celebrate the careers of Nikki Sixx and Mötley Crüe, Revolver put the badass bassist on the cover of the March/April issue, out now. We also got some musicians to weigh in on their favorite songs by Sixx and the Crüe. Today, the Pretty Reckless frontwoman fills us in on her favorite Crüe tune.

“Girls, Girls, Girls”

“Saying it twice is great, but three times is genius. The raw simplicity of this song is what rock and roll is all about—and, of course, girls!”


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  • Sherly Montagouth

    Out of all the greatest Motley Crue songs she had to pick up the most obvious/popular one, that’s how rock and roll she is, ughhh such a fake.

    • estrellica

      I would give her a little credit…. 

    • guest

      It’s her opinion I don’t know how you can call her a fake, it’s a great song 

    • Tanja47

      what’s your problem b**** ?

      you’re a “fake”…

    • Chrisy

      your just a cunt