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The Road to SXSW: Gus Wood of Young Guns Lists His Five Favorite BBQ Foods

In preparation for Revolver's March 15 Raw Power Management/The Agency Group SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas, we asked Gus Wood from Young Guns to list his five favorite barbecue foods.

Here goes!

01. Pulled Pork: We like to eat. That's something that needs to be understood right off the bat. Pulled pork is something that's really hard to find in the UK, so every chance we get in the US, we locate some pulled pork sandwiches and make short work of them. Doused in a hot sauce, BBQ sauce, chipotle, whatever! Side of 'slaw and some fries. Amazing!

02. Bratwurst/Sausages: Links, wieners, whatever kind of dog, it's a classic and awesome with all the trimmings. Mustard, ketchup, onions. Getting hungry just writing this piece. Went to an incredible place in LA called the Sausage Kitchen — bratwurst with chorizo and truffle oil drizzled fries. Wow.

03. Corn on the Cob: Wrapped in foil and with butter and seasoning, then sat on a BBQ until tender and just a bit charred.

04. Salmon: Again I like to foil wrap this, with some olive oil and whatever seasonings you prefer. Some dill, lemon juice, sea salt and some pepper, wrapped in foil while it cooks. Just before it's done, open the parcels up to allow them to crisp up a bit. Flakey and super tender.

05. Potato Salad: Not technically a "barbecue" food but definitely king of the accompanying sides. Best when the potatoes are still warm. I'm a fan of skins still on, Chopped red onion, salt pepper and mayonnaise, but some like to put sultanas in. These people are doing it wrong!

Writing this piece has made me extremely hungry - I'm off to eat!

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Revolver's SXSW showcase will take place this Friday, March 15, at the Dirty Dog Bar, 505 E. 6th St. in Austin. The show, which is presented by Raw Power Management and The Agency Group, kicks off 8 p.m. (doors 7:30 p.m.). Here's the lineup: 8 p.m., Immanu El | 8:45 p.m., Monster Truck | 9:30 p.m., Crossfaith | 10:15 p.m., Young Guns | 11 p.m., Of Mice And Men | midnight, Chiodos | 1 a.m., Lacuna Coil

The show is presented in association with Revolver, Drop Dead Clothing and Tillys. Poster art (below) by Brian Ewing.

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