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The West Memphis Three are Free!

The West Memphis Three are Free!

The West Memphis Three—three men who were arrested for the allegedly ritual murder of three young children 18 years ago and have sat in prison ever since—were set free today, according to NPR and other sources.

The young men, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley, Jr., were teenagers at the time of the crime and vilified as Satanists due to their liking of heavy-metal music and horror and occult literature. As time progressed, the mounting evidence suggested that they were not guilty, but a judge convicted them anyway. Since then, celebrities ranging from Johnny Depp to Henry Rollins have spread the word to raise money for their legal defense. In 2010, Marilyn Manson spoke at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards on their behalf (see fan-filmed video below) and described the court proceedings as a "Salem witch trial." Revolver also conducted an interview with Echols, who was then on death row, which ran in our May/June 2010 issue.

Today, the West Memphis Three were released after they acknowledged that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them, which allows them to maintain their innocence. Watch a live press conference here. We at Revolver wish to congratulate the West Memphis Three on their new-found, and well deserved, freedom.

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