The Word Alive Premiere Lyric Video for New Song, “Entirety”

The Word Alive will release their latest album, Life Cycles, on July 3. In anticipation, they are premiering the lyric video for new song, “Entirety.” Check it out below and let us know what you think.


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  • Jacob

    Awesome, love TWA!

  • not stoked

    why so religious? I thought this fad was ending. 

  • Joshua

    so amazing….

  • Telle Smith

    Hope you guys dig it!

  • Telle Smith

    This has NOTHING to do with religion…  At all haha

  • Ysmel Guzman

    Amazing Lyrics!!! Epic song!!!

  • Tim Smith


  • Jacob

    I’m going to have to spend my spare time trying to figure this song out on guitar now :)

    or you could be ever so kind and post some tabs?

  • Nabeel

    Sounds a bit different for some reason but i dig it

  • vcom

    It’s not about religion.

  • Zaneprice61

    I’m guessing this is about your dad?

  • Tim Smith

    Has this got guest vocals on it??? 

    • Telle Smith

      No, there are no guest vocals.  There are none on the album actually, and I did 100% of the vocals for the whole record.  

      • Jacob

        does zack not do any screaming on the record?

        • Telle Smith

          No, I was the only one who was able to record vocals on this record.  It wasn’t how we intended, but it definitely pushed me to do a lot of new things I’d never done before.

  • Cassie Skylines

    This sounds so good! TWA never cease to amaze

  • Nabeel

    its about him and his gf

  • Shorty La Porte

    this is pure perfection

  • Cliffscriv

    @ not stoked: What in any way gave you the impression this was religious? It’s about believing what you see and if you give yourself you can believe if in anything if you give yourself a chance.

  • CrustyTampon

    I like it…but i was hoping for a real kick in the dick for the first single….


    wow! this is amazing! <3 

  • Telle Smith

    The song, which I did a track by track for and go into more detail which will be released soon…  Is about my gf and I, who never planned on dating, and kind of found ourselves falling in love even though we were focusing on our own lives and progressing.  Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect, and this is about the process we felt while figuring out we wanted to be together.

    • Austinburnsr3d

      You’re breaking the norm of common songwriters. Keep it up brah. P.S. I wanna hear some Brand New influence in your shit! I feel like you have a similar mind to Jesse Lacey. :O

      • Telle Smith

        LOVE Jesse’s lyrics!  And I tried a bit on this album actually :)

  • even less stoked

    so this is a love song? oh boy

    • Telle Smith

      In what I think, is a much different, non-generic way, yes.  I believe a lot of people struggle with trusting someone else, and that letting someone in is and should be a big deal.  This song is meant to encompass that process.  

  • Ryan

    The production value is awesome. Joey did a great job. I can’t wait to hear what he did with your more technical songs. This song seems pretty generic or safe I guess. So for a first single it makes sense. But I know you guys have some intense shit waiting in store that will melt my face. I’m excited 

    • Jgun1985

      The funny thing is, that ALL joey’s productions, sound COMPLETELY alike 😉

  • flyexoxo

    love it

  • Chrixopher

    I think I just pissed rainbow tears of pure joy.

  • Noah

    eh this song is alright. getting tired of the way they make these dumb lyric videos though lol

  • Anthony Esposito


    this is amazing. Life Cycles is going to be so fucking amazing

  • JairoATC

    I actually don’t think that Joey Sturgis gave it his all in this one. Its a great song and soon to be a great record, but i do believe that Joey could have done better. But also, in the circumstances he is everytime he’s recording an album, I can’t complain and this is far from amazing. :)

  • kyle TWA

    god telle this is amazing i loved every seond of it youve reached new heights with this song highs and lows i didnt kno wu could do on a recording i know you do them live though but this song is absolutly perfection i loved <3

  • Wakko

    You guys never disappoint me! Soo good! XD

  • Maggs98778

    I have waiting for a new album forever…and once again The word alive fails to disappoint. I love it!!! Cant wait to hear all the other songs!

  • Michael_poloski

    very good music…but the lyric are extremely cheesy! 

  • Jdm

    Wow. Disappointed. Where is the metal?

  • kkg

    It’s not one of their more thrasy songs. Every metalcore band has these melodic metal tracks. Even Trivium, Unearth and Lamb of God have a good bunch of them

  • PhIlIpP Unnecessary

    fucking awesome :)))

  • Edvin Carpio

    awesome songs like this is why TWA is my favorite band and Fearless Records is my favorite record company..

  • Hannah

    Cannot wait for this album, this song kicks ass. Only a few more weeks until All Stars Tour in Atlanta!!!

  • tyler

    I love this track, this band is fantastic and I can only hope to make it to the Cleveland date of the All-Stars Tour and hear this sick song live!

  • Marissa Odom

    This track is so good, can’t wait to see them again for the 3rd time at All Stars Tour Sacramento! (: 

  • Megan

     This song is SO good and I can’t wait to see them on the All Stars tour in NY!

  • Miranda

    I Love It! I love the lyrics. I can’t wait to see them at the Allstars tour. I got my pre-order too:) AHHH so excited<3

  • ay yo crimson

    This song is amazing, and so easy to connect to. And if I can, I’m totally getting the mega bundle – the $80 one. So much good merch!

  • Ethan Ball

    Really great song. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it. I’m gonna see them on All Stars this summer. Can’t wait to hear it live :)

  • britt

    can’t wait to see them twice on the all star tour, this song is amazing..def pre-ordering a bundle right now, plan on getting the one with the t-shirt that says “we’re here to fight/ we’re here to save your life”

  • Sierra

    So good<3 I can't wait to see them on All Stars and the 29th of this month! I'm soooo stoked on this album! I can't believe Telle's calling everyone who order's the $80 bundle! SOOOO SICK!

  • Jacqueline Chua

    I love this song so much. I can’t wait to hear it live at All Stars! 😀

  • Alyson

    This album is going to be great. I just want it to come out already, man. Entirety sounds so good. I just want to hear the rest already.

  • george

    great song…enough said.

  • Britty

    Awesome song, I can’t wait for the album to come out. >U<

  • Joe Fawley

    this song is sooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!! i’m totally getting the ultimate preorder bundle because i love the word alive with all my heart <3 can't wait to see you guys in chicago at the all stars tour 😉

  • Connercoursen

    This song is amazing!! Can’t wait for the album 😀

  • Garrett Keith

    Gauh!! Im so stoked for this album to come out after hearing this song!

  • John Hasaparty

    This song is just beautiful, I can’t wait till I have both their albums in my possession <3 

  • Karli

    I love this song!  I can’t wait for their album to come out… Is anyone else impatiently waiting for it’s release????  It will be the best day of my summer!!!

  • Bernadett Olson [DR]

    the word alive keep getting better nd better<3 i think the preorder bundle where tyler calls would b the awesomest thing ever just to talk to him<3 i love the fact hes doing this for the fans such a down to earth band<3

  • Xvengeance6661

    This track is mind-blowing!!! I have my hair raised on my arms and neck! I am so proud of The Word Alive, they keep maturing musically and individually! They are truly amazing, and really bring forth everything they have into what they are! I am so stoked for the album, and the pre-order bundles are EPIC!!! I love the tank and the CD combo!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on Life Cycles, and when it drops…. It is going to explode!! 😀

  • Rosamh3

    This song is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to hear the rest of Life Cycles! I hope The Word Alive plays more songs from the new album at All Stars because I’m going to Reno just to see them!! ^_^

  • Daniel

    this track is neat! Im so stoked to see them again ! Too bad All stars tour doesnt come in my town! The bundles for this are pretty packed with lots of stuff hehe, I want the tshirt+cd one!

  • Justin G

    Can’t wait till July 3rd I’m gonna jam TWA while everyone pops fireworks.

  • Zach P

    God, been playing this non stop! Got the biggest bundle on the first day, i’m so excited :)
    Hopefully they play at least 3 new songs on Aug 24th! One of my top albums of the year!
    Would be my dream for them to tour with AILD, fingers crossed;)

  • Benabary

    This is such a good jam song! Please let the rest of the album be like this! I know I won’t be disappointed, but I don’t want my expectations to be too high;) Hopefully my pre-order is on time and ready to be played 1000000 times haha. 

  • Violalions

    I’ve liked this track since they put out the teaser and I’m so excited about the album. I really want the huge bundle, but I guess I need some money before I get that, haha. I wish I could see them on All Stars this summer, but I can’t. I’ll catch them sometime though!

  • Jeff Graves

    ive liked the word alive ever since the beginning there an awesome band cannot wait for the new album

  • Danae Leach

    you can’t help but not like this band. they always sound amazing.. :)

  • Ricky Munoz

    This song is so amazing. The rest of Life Cycles is gonna kick ass. Pre-Orders are awesome as well. Telle’s vocals automatically make this song great.
    TEAMTWA will never die! 😀

  • Paulina_patricio

    The Word Alive just keeps getting better and better yo! Can’t wait to see them play again;)

  • EvelynSisler

    Just pre-ordered the album and I’ve been listening to this song ever since! Cant wait to see them in Indy in August!! 

  • Wcar50

    This song is unique! The pre-orders are great :) 8/26!!… The date that I will see them on the All Stars Tour!! So stoked 😀