The Word Alive Premiere Lyric Video for New Song “Never Forget” in Tribute to Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence

The Word Alive

Phoenix metalcore band The Word Alive will release their new album, Real, June 10 via Fearless Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere a new track, “Never Forget.” The song and its lyric video are an homage to Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker, who died in 2012, and includes photos of family and friends that have passed away submitted by fans. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Vocalist Telle Smith says, “‘Never Forget’ is the song I took the longest to write for Real. I wanted it to be a song that memorialized our friend Mitch Lucker who passed away, but would also uplift and support the remaining members of Suicide Silence. I felt the song musically drew me in perfectly, which is why I wrote the lyrics for this particular track. It was dark and sad, but somehow upbeat at the same time. I also wanted it to be a song where anyone who had lost someone that meant the world to them or someone they know could relate to. Unfortunately, loss is a part of life and coping might not be easy, but there are so many of us to support one another. This song hopefully will bring peace to some, and a feeling of unity for others. Above all, I hope Mitch is headbanging to it wherever he is.”

You can purchase the Real here. For more on The Word Alive, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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  • Miroslav Atanasov

    Thank you for that song. Really makes me think about all the people i have lost.

  • David Checa

    The Word Alive son GRANDES hacer una canción en memoria de tod@s las personas que ya no están a nuestro lado en verdad eso es ser una buena banda

  • CardGod

    Misspelled the word “vein.” Song is OK though…

  • Kyoya_Nima

    The Word Alive I love this song so much… It reminds me of my friend and it describes how I felt/feel still to this day. I can’t say anything else besides I truly love this song and all of your music. <3

  • kncteems99

    Perfect!!! Beautiful tribute!

  • UzumakiSennin98

    R.I.P. Deathcore genius

  • ernesto

    R.I.P Deathcore King

  • Corey Kelly

    Such a generic goodbye song. RIP Lucker. This song does nothing to justify what you’ve given the world. Said he took the longest to write this song? The lyrics are that of a 10 year old. Seriously…

    • KC Brand

      he may have took a long time to write this compared compared to the others, then that should tell you something about the other songs theyve written