Throwdown Premiere New Song, “Avow”

Throwdown have debuted a new track today titled “Avow” from their upcoming new LP, Intolerance, due out January 21. “I’ve written a lot of lyrics about straight edge, self respect, addiction, and other subjects in that vein over the years, but it’s been a while since I’ve written  anything as overt as ‘Forever,’ frontman Dave Peters comments. “In writing for Vendetta, Venom & Tears, and Deathless, I always felt a little phobic toward lyrical content coming off as rehashed, so I was meticulous if not a little obsessive about making a song like ‘Discipline’ or ‘S.C.U.M.’ or ‘Blinding Light’ unique even if they all ventured into similar territory.  It’s been over a decade since ‘Forever’ was written and over two decades that I’ve been straight edge. ‘Avow’ is simply about how it is still and will always be something important to me, no matter how old I get or how much life changes.”

“Avow” is available for purchase via iTunes today and is the first new music the SoCal metal act has released since 2009’s Deathless.


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  • Simón LS

    GO EDGE!!!

  • sodo1979


  • Soundjunkie

    Hate to say that the creative sound is lacking. This is the same sound Nefarius, and SIC. My brother in laws bands had ten years ago. Need new riffs. (SIC is self inflicted carnage) Need some new sound. Great song, very tight, but lacking something new. Hate me I am old.

    • fragmentedflesh

      Your brother in laws band must have been influenced by Throwdown’s “Haymaker” album then

      • Soundjunkie

        King Diamond was the biggest influence.