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Guest Blog: Thy Will Be Done Vocalist J. Costa, Part 1

Guest Blog: Thy Will Be Done Vocalist J. Costa, Part 1

J. Costa is the vocalist of heavy-metal act Thy Will Be Done. In 2012, the band released the Temple EP and was handpicked by Metallica to play Orion Fest. Currently, the group is on the road with DevilDriver, Trivium, and After the Burial. Below, the vocalist contributes the first in a series of guest blogs.

Salutations Revolver readers!

J. from Thy Will Be Done here and I wanted to take a moment and say thanks for reading this far already. Sincerely grateful that the kind folks at Revolver are allowing me to share some highlights from our current tour with Trivium, DevilDriver, and After the Burial.

As a band, we're excited to be invited on such a stacked tour. To clear some things up--we've been billed as openers for the second leg since the inception of the tour and not as a "replacement" for Sylosis as some people had been claiming. There's NO replacing that band! When I got word we were being offered the second leg of this run, I had no knowledge of who was opening the first half. When it was announced with Sylosis I thought, Man, what a SOLID line-up! I really dig them and what they're doing.

Thy Will Be Done was headlining our Japan tour with another week to go when I got a text and an email explaining the unfortunate circumstances that befell Sylosis. [In late September, Sylosis was involved in an RV accident.] I'm grateful that no one was fatally injured and that they are all well, physically. We would've graciously been there to carry the torch out of respect had we not been on the other side of the world. Really bums me out when things like that happen to bands. With that said, please (if you haven't already) go purchase some merchandise from Sylosis and help them with the unfortunate financial burden they are carrying:

I feel better now having acknowledged the aforementioned. On to this current tour--the day before the second leg of this tour kicked off in Seattle, I needed to stop by Kinko's/FedEx to take care of some things. We don't have a printer with us, we only have our smart phones and cell service isn't always the greatest either. Apparently, while I was in there, police cruisers surrounded our van while the rest of the band were hanging out waiting for me. Unbeknownst to me, I had parked outside of a children's day care, which was adjacent to Kinko's. One of the officer's informed the guys that a concerned parent had called to report a "seedy black van" outside of the day care. Oh, man! The officer was cool once he learned we were just a touring band making copies. HA!

Both the Seattle and Portland shows were fantastic! It was great to get to see our brethren in DevilDriver again! Their newest album DESTROYS! We got to meet the guys in After The Burial as well as Trivium and their newest one is also GREAT! It was also nice of Johnny Santos (Spineshank/Silent Civilian) to come see us in Oregon.

On our way to Reno, NV, we traveled through Northern California, a truly awe-inspiring region. It's always nice to revisit parts of this country. Along our route, we got to see the mighty Mt. Shasta again. At an elevation of over 14,000 ft and a prominence of almost 10,000 ft, this mountain (technically a volcano, might I add) is quite a sight to behold in person. It's easy to understand how in some esoteric literature, there is mention of Mount Shasta as one of a small number of proverbial "power centers" on Earth. Additionally, amongst the indigenous Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin tribes whom once inhabited Northern California and Southern Oregon, there was a belief that Shasta was inhabited by Skell, the Spirit of the Above World, who descended from the heavens to the summit at the request of one of their chiefs. Folklore states that Skell fought with Llao, the Spirit of the Below World (who allegedly resided at Mount Mazama) by throwing fire and rocks from the apex of the Mountain. In case you wanted to know.

On our way to Utah, yours truly totally dropped the ball and forgot to factor in the time zone change. Oops! Hey, I was tired and I do all the driving. Sometimes it's 8 hours of driving, rocking out and 10 bucks a day for food. So literally "tired and hungry" are first-world problems, not complaining. Needless to say we showed up a little late to the gig. But, thanks to the DevilDriver crew and our punk roots, we had a successful "Throw & Go!" We only started our set five minutes later than scheduled and still finished three minutes early! Stuff happens. And you've got to be flexible and professional to make it all happen. We didn't know Trivium were unable to perform that night due to Matt's illness. Luckily he's back at 100% now and doing what he does best!

After the gig in Salt Lake City, Chris, our lead guitarist, walked down the street to Squatters Pub. He'd been wanting to go there for a long time and luckily it was a short walk. He picked up one of their double IPAs called "Hop Rising," brewed with a variety of three malts and three types of hops. This big beer is 9% alcohol and 75 IBUs. He's not only our lead guitarist, he's our bona fide beer connoisseur. The guy has even been invited by some breweries back home to join in on some of the batch making. Later that night Corey and Nick from Trivium piled into our van as we drove around the city to embark on shenanigans. We be clubbin'. What a fun night! I'll leave it at that.

The next day in Grand Junction, CO, the Shriners were part of a parade that came through town. I unfortunately missed most of it. I did, however, get to go to the Lodge with some Brothers. Always great to visit Lodges when traveling. There was a social when we arrived and I got the chance to talk with some veterans as well as some seniors asking about the band. It was the night before the Marines birthday one gentleman explained to me, while another asked me if he may "borrow some hair" as he lifted his hat to reveal his scalp. It was a great time.

With the next day being a travel day, we slept in Grand Junction that evening and made our way to get some breakfast the next morning. It's always entertaining how many folks stare at the five of us in these instances. Upon entering the establishment, I couldn't help but notice a local advertisement to "Rent A Santa." I don't know about you, but there was something unsettling about seeing this. I don't know...

Well, that's about all for now. Stay tuned for next week's installment. Chock full o' more flavor and less sodium.


Photos: Death Angel and Diamond Plate Live in Santa Ana, California