Tool in Photos

Tool are currently in the middle of a winter trek, and on Sunday, they stopped through Camden, New Jersey’s Susquehanna Bank Center. Photographer Derek Brad was on hand to capture some of the show with his third eye. Check out what he saw below.


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  • Amber_Lene420

    You mean he actually let you take pictures of his face? I went to a show in July of 2010 and Maynard wouldn’t even turn around, he had his back to us the whole fucking time!!!  SUPER DISAPPOINTED!!!!

    • Robmikelaw1216

      Then you are not a true fan

    • Dinocosteas

      and thats why we love maynard.

    • Ghumber

      Too many people worship him, so he stays in the background. It’s the combined genius of all four of them that make Tool, Tool.

    • Anonymous

      so you paid for tickets to see his face? Are you deaf?

  • No

    It’s common for Maynard to stay out of sight during Tool shows. It’s about the music, not about him.

  • Anonymous

    i saw them in 2010 also 2009 maybe 8 , long story short, he stood right out in the open the whole time , i dont think he turned his back once unless he was dancing !!!

  • Spoolinup

    Cool show… openers I really wasn’t digging at all.  Also, the mix was shit at this venue.  Could barely hear the words.  :(   Tool is still awesome.

    • Jffrchrds

      That must have been your location. Where I was in section 202 I could hear Maynard better than any of the Tool shows I have seen over the years.

  • Rockandroll_shorty

    If you feel it you know it..

  • Grumbazn

    His eyes are sensitive to light j/s

  • N2witchn

    I love that he’s wearing his Puscifer Ninja t-shirt! 

    • N2witchn

      oops – that’s the redneck tee!

      • N2witchn

        aaaaaaaaaaaaaand since I can’t delete anything I guess I’ll correct myself ONE MORE TIME, not that anyone cares by now, and say it’s the SEAL tee.  Sheesh.

  • Deeroni9577

    Tool= Visual as well as audio masterpiece !

    • jesse12678

      actually thats more a perfect circle rather than tool. tool is more audio, while the emotion outlook on maynards life represents a perfect circle.

  • Heather Hahn

    Maynard was entirely in the shadows in Boston on Saturday!

    • Liz Taylor

      From what I’ve read, that’s his usual m.o.

    • Vicky Kemp

      He’s been that way the last 3 times I have seen them, same with when he is touring with APC.  Even with Puscifer he is toward the back, but much more animated and chatty in the intimate theaters he is touring.  I suggest, to see Maynard and get an idea of him as a person, go see a Puscifer show.  Get there in time to see Carina Round, too.  She is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    but personally i wouldent care if he sung from the fucking dressing room, the beauty of tool is what they were able to create together !!! achieved transmitting raw emotion threw threre sound to there fans !!! tool changed my life !!! as amazing as maynard is, bye far one of the best poets, writers, of our generation, the rest of the crew figured out how to actually convey how deep his lyrics are instrumentally !!! fucking nothing short of amazing !!!

  • Martin

    One day, I’d like to see you guys live! From a BIG fan in South Africa

  • OutlawStarkiller

    Why do Adam and Justin both look like hobos? Whatever, it’s Tool, so you gotta love it.

  • Joe

    I heard Maynard has some sort of stage fright which would explain why he is in the dark and towards the back most of the time. Regardless Tool is still one of the greatest bands to grace this Earth

    • Vicky Kemp

      Maynard likes anonymity mostly,  from interviews I have seen and read.  He has a son he has tried to protect from the spotlight and the costumes and staying in the shadows has helped with that.  I think too that as he has become more the focus of fans, he has retreated to the back or shadows to keep US focused on the band, not HIM.  Anyway, that’s my cents, as a very long time fan.

      • Jeff

        I just don’t understand how he is SOOOO different with Puscifer.  Saw him as VIP ticket holder and was front Center.  He certainly didnt show any signs of being antisocially disconnected to the audience.  He is pretty cocky…but it would be nice to actually see him treat the fans at concerts to a special treat every now and then…Double Encores, etc….

    • Song

      No, that’s not true he’s a cocky little shit like most frontmen. I spent time with the band on tour back before they had this format & they changed it because he felt his voice was getting lost in the noise so they raised him up above the band.

  • Tiffany

    Went to my first Tool concert a couple years ago in atlanta. They were awesome. Had the same setup as in the pics. Hoping I can see them on this tour

  • Scoop J

    I’ve been to 13 TOOL concerts in my life and every one of them has been nothing short of phenomenal!!!  This last show I saw in Dallas on Jan 20th, I had the privledge of meeting Danny, Adam, and Justin after the show!!!  They were awesome and signed the autographs that we requested.  Always TOP NOTCH, outdo themselves every performance

  • Ziggstah

    BOSTON my first tool concert  (one of my most fav bands) was a let down ,though true to their music the live show is lacking, no stage presence no encore (after what seemed to be an intermission ) they played one song and left
    now admittedly i had very high expectations ( been trying to catch them live for years) and figured they wouldnt hit that mark
    maynard only talked twice: said boston…and we havent played these since you were older than him

    • Michelle Varney

      You’re an idiot. If you want to hear him talk go to a Puscifer show or watch interviews on YouTube. I was there Saturday night and they were amazing. They played 10 songs, 2 of which I doubt most in attendance ever heard live before. They haven’t done encores for years. Stop comparing it to what you wanted and appreciate it for what it was: a great performance by an amazing band!

  • Jamesmccormack0704

    Tool is a cultural, generational, fantastically expressive(visually as well as audibly) phenominal group of creative geniuses … me the concerts are superb anyway they please to display, but its the Tool in my traffic filled car rides, or the Tool filled nights when I thought life was becoming meaningless…..or during relapse and recovery and didnt want to pass through the gates so huridly any longer……those are the reasons Tool has held my hand through life. My paridoxical father figure roles belong to the 5’6″ guy in the shadows & the 6’5″ sponsor that helped save my tourtured soul!! …..question authority enternally… well… heard!

    • Jeff L.

      Agreed (and very well put). My experience has been very similar. Tool’s music has given me spirituality when I had none. 

  • Vicky Kemp

    You’re so lucky!  I have been to 5, myself. I have never met any of the band, though that would be really cool, just to say thanks.

  • Vicky Kemp

    Loved these pics.  We were halfway back on 1/21 and couldn’t see this well.

  • Vicky Kemp

    If you want to see who Maynard really is and thinks, go see a Puscifer show.  He talks a lot and presents a very intimate show.  It is a really beautiful and powerful evening.

    • Austinray434

      I saw Puscifer in Tulsa they were amazing

    • Keevan Rodrigues

       Puscifer is such a wonderful experience… one cannot even imagine…

    • Finethyme11

       Right on Vicky. Saw them this fall in Brooklyn. Amazing. I am fortunate to have seen APC, Puscifer and Tool all in about a years time. Puscifer was freaking amazing.

  • Twmd2129

    Saw them in Dallas both nights, awesome. Its the 6th time i have seen them. True fans know that Maynard always stays in the back, only once have i seen him come out front. Who gives a crap if he didnt talk, i want to hear him sing

  • Héctor Archundia

    i fuckin hate to live in mexico

    • Adal

      Pues si no te gusta mexico largate a la chingada weeeyy… Idiota

  • Shellyfreese

    Maynard’s voice has been the voice of God to me for years.  I love his skills and the combo of a beautiful voice and an ass-kickin band (oh, the drums) is a no miss!  I wouldn’t care if Maynard looked like Quazi – as long as he sings to me.  I love his heart felt – but angry Maynard is GOOOOD!

  • Oscar

    Ehhhh, you wanna live in Camden? I don’t think so…

  • Andye Murphy

    glad to see MJ may actually be visible in this tour!  Hoping they’ll make the Denver rounds this summer.  Red Rocks really rocks for a reason!

  • andrea

    The first time I ever saw Tool was at my second ozzfest. my first thought was how strange is this man. sat on stage, Indian style, in a diaper, rocking back and forth. I look back now and wished like hell I paid a little more attention. now, I main love with anything Maynard James Keenan does. want to see tool/a perfect circle/puscifer before Maynard calls it quits!!